Best Scandinavian Chairs: 10 Unique Design Ideas


Scandinavian chairs, Immerse yourself in the ideal balance of style and usefulness, which have distinctive designs that elevate any area. Iconic Scandinavian chairs, such as the Egg Chair and Wishbone Chair, add a touch of refinement to any room.

These chairs offer versatile seating solutions that blend into various design styles, providing exceptional comfort and sophistication. Examples include the “Eames Lounge Chair,” which embodies clean lines and ergonomic concepts, and the “Wegner Wishbone Chair,” which features a distinctive Y-shaped backrest and hand-woven seat. Modern settings seek these chairs out.

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Scandinavian Chairs
Scandinavian Chairs

Features of Scandinavian Chairs

Minimalist Design: These chairs have clean lines and subdued aesthetics, resulting in a sleek and modern appeal.

High-quality materials such as solid wood, leather, or molded plastic ensure the durability and lifespan of Scandinavian chairs.

Versatile Usage: Scandinavian designs cater to a variety of seating demands, including dining chairs, lounge chairs, office chairs, and accent chairs.

Comfortable Ergonomics: These chairs prioritize ergonomic support to provide a comfortable seating experience over long periods of time.

Timeless Appeal: These chairs, which draw their inspiration from Nordic design principles, have a timeless beauty that stands the test of time and makes them enduring additions to any home.

Types of Best Scandinavian Chairs | Famous Scandinavian Chairs : 10 Ideas

Here are 10 unique ideas:

The Egg Chair | Mid Century Scandinavian Chairs

Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg Chair in 1958, a classic chair with a characteristic egg-shaped form and exquisite leather upholstery for both style and comfort.

The Egg Chair,  Mid Century Scandinavian Chairs
The Egg Chair | Mid Century Scandinavian Chairs

Eames Lounge Chair

Charles and Ray Eames created the Eames Lounge Chair in 1956, which features a plywood shell, leather upholstery, and a sleek metal base.

Eames Lounge Chair
Eames Lounge Chair

Its ergonomic design and plush cushions make it a favorite for relaxation in homes, offices, and public spaces, gaining cult status worldwide.

The Wishbone Chair | Modern Scandinavian Chairs

It is a classic chair by Hans Wegner from 1949 that stands out for its unusual Y-shaped backrest and exquisite yet straightforward form, making it a staple of Scandinavian furniture design.

The Wishbone Chair | Modern Scandinavian Chairs
The Wishbone Chair | Modern Scandinavian Chairs

Panton Chair

In the 1960s, Verner Panton created the Panton Chair, a unique piece of molded plastic with a fluid, organic shape that defies conventional furniture design concepts.

Panton Chair
Panton Chair

The Series 7 Chair

It is a versatile and stackable chair that Arne Jacobsen created. Due to its straightforward shape and ergonomic design, it is a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings.

The Series 7 Chair
The Series 7 Chair

Scandinavian Chairs Dining | Scandinavian Dining Chairs | Dining Chairs Scandinavian | Modern Scandinavian Dining Chairs

Scandinavian dining chairs are renowned for their elegant yet functional design, making them ideal for creating fashionable and comfortable dining areas.

Scandinavian Wooden Dining Chairs
Scandinavian Wooden Dining Chairs

These chairs, made from wood, metal, or a combination of materials, prioritize style and comfort, offering a pleasant dining experience for both family and guests. They complement any dining room decor.

Scandinavian Chairs for Living Room | Scandinavian Chairs Living Room

Scandinavian living room chairs are essential for a well-furnished home due to their classic design and comfort.

Scandinavian Chairs for Living Room
Scandinavian Chairs for Living Room

These chairs, including armchairs and lounge chairs like the Egg Chair, enhance decor, bring warmth and beauty to any space, and provide comfort and style for daily life, whether reading or hosting visitors.

Scandinavian Chairs with Ottoman

These chairs are known for their sleek design and craftsmanship, and when combined with ottomans, they create a comfortable seating option for relaxation or lounging.

Common types include lounge chairs with a lower seat and reclining back, stressless seats with matching ottomans, and rocking chairs with ottomans. 

Scandinavian Chairs with Ottoman
Scandinavian Chairs with Ottoman

These chairs are designed for comfort and relaxation and can be used in nurseries, reading nooks, or other cozy environments.

When selecting a chair and ottoman, consider your home’s overall design, comfort, and material choice.

To ensure a comfortable fit, measure the room and use high-quality wood, leather, or fabric.

By considering these factors, you can choose the perfect chair and ottoman combination to enhance your home’s comfort, design, and functionality.

Vintage Scandinavian Chairs | Scandinavian Vintage Chairs

Collectors and design enthusiasts seek out vintage Scandinavian chairs for their classic styles, natural shapes, and high-quality materials. These chairs, like the Hans Wegner Shell Chair and Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair, embody Scandinavian craftsmanship, form-following function, clean lines, and functionality, making them a timeless addition to any room.

Here are some popular types of vintage chairs you might come across while looking:

Vintage Scandinavian Dining Chairs: Add retro charm to modern dining areas with clean lines and sculptural forms.

Lounge Chairs: These chairs, with renowned designs like the Egg Chair and Papa Bear Chair, offer comfort and style with luxurious upholstery and organic curves.

Vintage Scandinavian-Lounge Chairs
Vintage Scandinavian-Lounge Chairs

Rocking Chairs: Elegantly designed for nurseries or living areas.

Vintage Rocking Chairs
Vintage Rocking Chairs

Office chairs: With sleek profiles and ergonomic features, they provide beautiful and practical seating for home offices or workstations in the style of mid-century modern design.

Armchairs: Add sophistication with sophisticated lines, rich wood finishes, and luxurious fabric.

Vintage Chair Selection Process

Authenticity: Research design, materials, and manufacturer for authenticity. Look for original labels, marks, or documentation.

Condition: Check the chair for signs of wear, damage, or repairs. Inspect the stability of the frame, the quality of the upholstery, and the functionality of the chair.

Quality: Assess craftsmanship and construction materials. Choose a design that complements existing decor.

Style: Consider the chair’s visual appeal and personal style.

Comfort: Analyze the chair’s ergonomics and support. Consider seat height, backrest angle, and cushioning.

Provenance: Research chair’s history and former ownership.

Budget: Set a budget and compare prices. Consider the cost of restoration or refurbishment.

By taking these aspects into account, you can make an informed selection when selecting a vintage Scandinavian chair that will not only bring style to your home but also maintain its worth and authenticity over time.

Scandinavian Chairs Leather | Scandinavian Leather Chairs

These leather chairs are known for their sleek design, functionality, and craftsmanship, often featuring leather. Here are some common types of Scandinavian leather chairs:

Common types include wingback chairs with tall backs, lounge chairs with a lower seat and reclining back, and accent chairs that add color or design to a room. 

Scandinavian Wingback Chairs: These chairs, featuring tall backs and leather upholstery, offer a comfortable and enclosed feel, making them a timeless choice for living rooms and libraries.

Scandinavian Chairs Leather
Scandinavian Chairs Leather

Scandinavian Lounge Chairs: These chairs, which feature a lower seat and reclining back, are perfect for relaxation and luxury, making them ideal for reading or watching television.

Leather Scandinavian Lounge Chairs
Leather Scandinavian Lounge Chairs

Scandinavian Accent Chairs: These chairs, ideal for entryways, bedrooms, or living areas, are a versatile and elegant addition to any room, combining color and design with their smaller size, making them an ideal choice for any space. 

Scandinavian Leather Chair Selection Process

When choosing a Scandinavian leather chair, consider style, comfort, quality, and budget.

The chair should complement your home’s overall design, be comfortable for extended sitting, and be made of high-quality leather and sturdy construction.

It’s essential to set a budget before purchasing leather chairs to ensure a comfortable and stylish seating experience.

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Finally, Scandinavian chairs represent the combination of form and function, embracing the concepts of timeless design, superb craftsmanship, and subtle elegance. From legendary mid-century classics to modern interpretations, these chairs elegantly integrate into any interior space, providing a touch of Scandinavian sophistication and comfort.

Scandinavian chairs, whether in the dining room, living room, or workplace, exude warmth and style, making them sought-after pieces by design enthusiasts and homeowners alike. Scandinavian chairs, with their clean lines, premium materials, and ergonomic designs, have stood the test of time, adding lasting beauty and utility to homes.

FAQ About Scandinavian Chairs

Are Scandinavian chairs comfortable?

Indeed, people recognize Scandinavian chairs for their comfort and design. They frequently have ergonomic designs, padded seats, and supporting backs, making them ideal for extended periods of sitting and relaxation.

What material is Scandinavian chair?

Wood, metal, and upholstery textiles like leather or textile mixes are common materials used to create Scandinavian chairs. The chair’s individual design, function, and aesthetic choices typically determine the material used.

What is the name of the Danish chair?

The Danish chair is commonly referred to as the “Danish design chair” or simply as a “Danish chair” or “Scandinavian Chair.”

What is the point of an accent chair?

An accent chair brings visual appeal, personality, and flair to a room. It complements existing furniture, enhances the atmosphere, and serves as a focus point for design aspects. An accent chair provides additional seating and versatility, making it both utilitarian and ornamental.

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