How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa


Welcome to “How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa”! Arranging a rug under a L-shaped sofa may change your living room, giving warmth, style, and a sense of coziness. Whether you want to define your seating area, add a burst of color, or simply improve the overall look of your home, the perfect rug placement may make all the difference.

This article will walk you through the greatest techniques and tactics for correctly positioning a rug under an L-shaped sofa, resulting in a balanced, visually beautiful, and useful living space. Let’s begin by creating a magnificent arrangement you’ll love!

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Standard Rug Sizes | Carpet Sizes For Living Rooms

While dimensions vary greatly depending on the type of loom used and where the rug is woven, there are a few commonly used standardized rug sizes to pick from.

5 x 7 feet
7 x 9 feet
8 x 9 feet
8 x 10 feet
9 x 12 feet
12 x 18 feet

Since these standard sizes are most available, try to fit them. Use blue painter’s tape to mark out the corners of different rug sizes in your room to see what fits best.

Larger rugs generally work better in living rooms. Common sizes are 9 x 12 feet or 8 x 10 feet, unless you have a particularly small or large room or an oddly shaped room that may need more than one rug.

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How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa | How to Place Carpet Under L-Shaped Sofa |

To successfully set up a rug under an L-shaped sofa, follow these comprehensive steps:

How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa
How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa

Choose the Right Size

Select a rug that is large enough to fit comfortably beneath the full L-shaped sofa, leaving some additional space around the edges. Ideally, the rug should be 12–18 inches longer than the sofa’s front legs. This ensures that the rug connects to the seating area.

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Lay the Rug

Position the rug in the preferred location in your room. Place the rug in the center of the seating area. If you have a coffee table or other central furniture, make sure the rug is also centered.

How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa
How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa

Position the Sofa

Place the L-shaped sofa on the carpeting. The optimal configuration is to have both L-shaped parts (long and short sides) sitting on the rug. Aim to have all of the sofa’s front legs on the rug. This could imply that the back legs are off the rug, which is totally acceptable and usual in many settings.

Adjust for Balance

Check that the rug is straight and correctly aligned with the room’s arrangement. If necessary, adjust the sofa slightly to ensure that the rug lies evenly beneath it. This may require some adjusting to get it just right.

How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa
How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa

Additional Tips

If the rug is large enough, you can position all four legs of the sofa on it, making it look less chaotic and bringing the entire seating area together.

Consider the arrangement of your coffee table and any side tables to ensure that everything fits comfortably on the rug.

For a polished effect, ensure that there is an equal amount of rug space on all sides of the sofa. This symmetry might improve the overall appearance of your room.


Follow these steps to create a well-coordinated and pleasant seating area that showcases your L-shaped sofa and rug attractively.

How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa Check the alignment and straightness of the rug with the room’s arrangement. Make any necessary adjustments to the sofa to ensure an even placement of the rug underneath.

Consider positioning all four legs of the sofa on the rug for a more organized look. Additionally, ensure symmetry by maintaining equal rug space on all sides of the sofa. Follow these steps for a well-coordinated seating area that highlights your L-shaped sofa and rug effectively.

FAQ About : How to Place Rug Under L-Shaped Sofa

What size rug should I use under an L-shaped sofa?

For an L-shaped sofa, it’s best to use a rug that is at least 8×10 feet or larger. This size ensures that the rug extends beyond the edges of the sofa, creating a balanced look and anchoring the seating area.

How should I position the rug in relation to the sofa?

Position the rug so that it is centered under the sofa. The front legs of both sections of the L-shaped sofa should sit on the rug. This helps to tie the seating area together and create a cohesive look.

Can I use a round rug under an L-shaped sofa?

Yes, you can use a round rug under an L-shaped sofa. Place the round rug in the center of the seating area, ensuring the front legs of the sofa rest on the rug. This can create an interesting contrast between the shapes.

Should all furniture legs be on the rug?

Ideally, all the front legs of the furniture (sofa and chairs) should be on the rug. This anchors the furniture to the rug and defines the seating area. If possible, having all four legs on the rug can create an even more unified look.

How do I choose the right color and pattern for the rug?

Choose a rug color and pattern that complement your existing decor. Neutral colors are versatile and can match various styles, while bold patterns can add visual interest. Make sure the rug ties together the color scheme of the room without overwhelming the space.

Can a rug be too big for a room?

I think so. Oversized rugs dominate the room, but undersized ones don’t either. It may also make the room appear smaller, which is undesirable.

How far should a rug go under a couch?

A rug should extend approximately three inches under the front legs of a sofa. Due to its diminutive size, it is advisable to avoid completely concealing the rug beneath the sofa, as this could result in the rug appearing to float in the center of the room.

When should you not use an area rug?

Avoid using an area rug in high-humidity areas, allergy-prone environments, or very small and cluttered spaces. They’re also not ideal for uneven or poor flooring, extremely high-traffic areas, or slippery surfaces. Lastly, consider your decor style; a rug might not fit a minimalistic or modern aesthetic.

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