What I got for my Birthday!

So I’ve been a bit under the radar recently, mostly because of work and uni assignments but also because it’s been my birthday! I had an amazing time turning 20 but also a very weird time going to work, was so lucky with the things that I got!

Sisters Presents


So my sister is good at getting me lots of little presents which I much prefer because I love having useful presents that are practical also. Just like my pug socks here, face mask which I definitely need at the moment! As you can see, I have had one of my ferro rocher already because it’s my favourite chocolate. The little yankee candles are definitely really cool since they’re great for testing scents, my favourite is the black cherry one and the colouring book is great for my anxiety which will help when I’m hitting main exam periods.

George’s presents

I’m the luckiest girl in the world, he has spoilt me rotten seriously, he got me three amazing candles from Dunelm which were so cute because he knows my obsession with candles, they have very different scents one is coconut and fruit juices, vanilla and then one is grapefruit I think. They’re absolutely amazing and fill the room with their scent so would definitely recommend.


Next present he gave me was too much, I got three sets of Real Technique Make up Brushes… my dream seriously!


If that wasn’t enough he got me a yankee candle set and …. a trip to the Making of Harry Potter! I am over the moon and don’t deserve him at all!


My mom bought me this cute sign as well to put by my desk which is really cute and she paid for my dress that I went out clubbing, the thing I enjoyed the most about my birthday is just realising how many great people I have in my life and how much better off I am this year than last.

Thank you to my best friends who’s presents I haven’t mentions (because the post would be too long) but if you want to see the many beauty items I got let me know!

Love and appreciate everyone in my life and everyone who reads my posts!

Thanks for reading

sign off


My Candle Collection!

So I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to candles, my idea of a cosy night in involves a room just filled with lit scented candles. I have created quite a collection over this last year and wanted to share my opinions on them all and what I think is the best candle that I have.

I’ll start with the cheapest ones and what I think of them!

So the Langley Home Sugar Cookie candle was bought from Clinton’s. Since it was out of season when my boyfriend got it (as a little gift) it was £5 which I thought was an amazing price for such a big candle. It has the same style as the big yankee ones and is highly scented. The sweet smell is so rich and really nice for if you want a nice home baking scent to fill the room. They have a very similar one in their out of season range, I think it’s called birthday cake but do not quote me on that one! The other two are my Star Lytes candles, these I think I bought in a pound shop, they are very cute, come with lids on too, I just don’t know where they’ve gone and come in many different scents. These two are in “fresh cherries” and “mulled wine”. The mulled wine one is a very nice scent and does fill the room but I think the fresh cherry one doesn’t so much. Still really good for the price of them and have lasted a long time!

Next on to my Yankee Candles!

I have actually spoke about the Vanilla Cupcake candle before in my January Favourites at the start of the year. It has the most amazing sweet scent and I would recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth. This one of mine is actually right at the bottom now so I will definitely need to get a big one next time. The Fresh Cut Roses scented candle was given to me by my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day this year. It is so beautiful, I love the baby pink colour of it and the scent is so fresh, it actually smells like you have roses in the room. I absolutely love these candles. The only flaw they have is when you first light them the wick does tend to burn really high, so I tend to keep these candles well away from things (as you should with any candle but especially these ones!).

Now for my favourite!


The Village Candle in Black Cherry, I think this has got to be my favourite by far. It has the most amazing scent to it and it actually fills the room. Every time I light more than one of all of the candles you can always smell this one the most. Also, they are a lot cheaper online than Yankee Candles! Arguably better too! It has two wicks even though it is a small candle which I think makes for a more even scent give off and the candle goes down evenly. Definitely would recommend.

So that is all of my candles! Is there any that you would recommend?

Thanks for reading xxx

How I like to relax:

So, I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m hungover. It’s shameful, I had a few too many and now I’m feeling sorry for myself. Alcohol tends to make me feel very tense and anxious the day after so I couldn’t help but want an escape today. I decided it was essential to have a little pamper session and to fill you guys in on how I pamper myself and inevitably feel super relaxed afterwards.

1. Take off all Make-up


So, since my skin is needing some serious hydration I decided to use this Simple purifying cleansing lotion to take my makeup off. I put a small amount on some cotton wool and it is so effective.

2. Run a nice hot bath 


For this part I thought I would use a personal favourite of mine, the BlackBerry Bathbomb by Lush. I haven’t used one in ages but it never fails to impress me. The smell is just so fruity and relaxing it’s perfect for a little pamper session. I also lit my new freshly cut roses Yankee Candle that my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s day which just added to the lovely aroma.

3. Spend as long as you need relaxing in the bath

Enjoy the relaxing hot bath and let your muscles soak while doing what suits you! Sometimes I listen to an album/playlist on Spotify,  or finish an episode on Netflix! Today I just relaxed and used my beautiful valentines soap that I reviewed in my last blog post.

4. Moisturise 

I literally can’t stress how important this is, taking make up off before going into the bath allows the skin to breathe and use the steam as a treatment for spots and stress. But, when you have finally dragged yourself put of that amazing bath don’t forget to hydrate your skin.

I used the Nivea in-shower body conditioner after shaving in the bath and the  for my face I used Johnson’s baby lotion. It’s that simple, I am in love with the smell of Johnson’s products at the moment, have no idea why but this lotion is so soothing and just something delicate to put on the skin and let it soak it up! For my hands I used Nivea smooth nourishing hand cream, they’re very dry at the moment and this is really effective, would definitely  recommend.

January Favourites 2016!

Hey guys,

So I thought I’d do a quick post of some of my favourite different products last month and see how these differ throughout the year.


So, the first favourite is definitely the Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle, I’ve had it for a while now but only really appreciated it last month because of its really homely vanilla scent. Probably my favourite scent for winter especially but the candle itself is very strongly scented, the scent stays for hours even after the candle has been blown out!

My next favourite is the Loreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, I can’t rate this stuff enough it is just amazing. I’ve always wanted to give it a go after seeing some youtubers using it but seriously, it actually works from the first wash. I’ve always suffered with thin feeling hair (especially after dying it so much) so to have a shampoo that makes your hair feel healthy and thicker is just amazing. The smell is also really good and smells like a lot of professional’s shampoos out there.

Finally, my absolute favourite make up product for January was the Rimmel London Radiance BB Cream SPF 20, an incredible beauty balm I discovered. I really needed one for Dubai as it would be hot there so to have just a BB cream that has SPF in it is really handy. It was really affordable at around 6 pounds from my local supermarket and it really does do the job. I have really troubled skin at the moment and to have that little bit of coverage is great for days where I don’t want heavy foundation. It also is as it says really radiant, I was glowing when wearing it and have put a bit on today just so that I look a tiny bit more awake. Would definitely recommend!

Those are my three January favourites, thank you so much for reading!