How to go back to Uni without spending a fortune!

Hey guys,

Apologies for the lack of posting but getting ready for University has been no joke this year. It is my third year which means it’s going to be the biggest/toughest year of my life! Therefore, I got some stuff to make me feel better about it and to prepare me for the hell that is to come. I tried to do this year as cheap as possible as I didn’t want to be worrying about money while worrying about everything else so all this stuff is very affordable for what it is!


So the first thing I want to talk about is my tablet, it is actually Tesco’s own brand called Connect and is a windows powered tablet. I got the smaller one which was on sale at only £70! I thought this was a very good price for a tablet which I have since been using in my first few weeks of uni for writing notes on and looking at lecture slides. I find it a bit slower than maybe an ipad but very good and had word, powerpoint and everything a student could need during lectures. The memory is very high and you can also put a micro SD in for more storage! If you’re interested the link for it is here.

14536736_10207334888950916_1732709362_o (1).jpg

As I bought the tablet I wanted a wireless keyboard that wasn’t expensive and was light enough to carry in my bag. So I got a slim silver one for £11 that I found on amazon which was actually on prime as well. Next day delivery is definitely no joke with amazon I swear! The link for this is here.

Next up, stationary! So because I wanted to get some cheap stuff I ended up going into good old poundland to have a look at their stuff. I was actually pleasantly surprised and got my cute little Academic Diary from there! I also got my cute pug calendar which actually goes well with my cute bedding (from tesco). I think these buys are well worth the money since the calendar came with a little board and a pen that you can jot important notes down on.

Also, my cool water cup is adorable! This ones cheating as my mom bought it for me when she went on the London eye and it’s actually made me want to drink water a lot more. I would advise anyone to get a water bottle because it saves so much money from buying bottles of water every time and you’ll need it during the long lectures.

Also you’re going to need some exercise books! I found these the most expensive things to try and find (apart from the tablet) if you want a fancy one be willing to pay £7 for two! However, I got these cute little green ones for a pound each from Tiger which do the job and are easy to put in my bag.


Last but not least I got some new boots from Sainsbury’s! The 25% clothing was on so I made the most of it by getting puts that were £25 for £19 and I’m sure these will get me to uni through the winter.


Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you want to see more of my new uni room or want any tips about university life!

Thanks for reading!


What I got for my Birthday!

So I’ve been a bit under the radar recently, mostly because of work and uni assignments but also because it’s been my birthday! I had an amazing time turning 20 but also a very weird time going to work, was so lucky with the things that I got!

Sisters Presents


So my sister is good at getting me lots of little presents which I much prefer because I love having useful presents that are practical also. Just like my pug socks here, face mask which I definitely need at the moment! As you can see, I have had one of my ferro rocher already because it’s my favourite chocolate. The little yankee candles are definitely really cool since they’re great for testing scents, my favourite is the black cherry one and the colouring book is great for my anxiety which will help when I’m hitting main exam periods.

George’s presents

I’m the luckiest girl in the world, he has spoilt me rotten seriously, he got me three amazing candles from Dunelm which were so cute because he knows my obsession with candles, they have very different scents one is coconut and fruit juices, vanilla and then one is grapefruit I think. They’re absolutely amazing and fill the room with their scent so would definitely recommend.


Next present he gave me was too much, I got three sets of Real Technique Make up Brushes… my dream seriously!


If that wasn’t enough he got me a yankee candle set and …. a trip to the Making of Harry Potter! I am over the moon and don’t deserve him at all!


My mom bought me this cute sign as well to put by my desk which is really cute and she paid for my dress that I went out clubbing, the thing I enjoyed the most about my birthday is just realising how many great people I have in my life and how much better off I am this year than last.

Thank you to my best friends who’s presents I haven’t mentions (because the post would be too long) but if you want to see the many beauty items I got let me know!

Love and appreciate everyone in my life and everyone who reads my posts!

Thanks for reading

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