Pamper Session and review of the Sephora Pomegranate Face Mask!

Hey Guys,

So today I decided to give my skin a little pamper as after going to Stockholm my face has been in very cold weather for a while! As it has been so cold my skin was looking very dull and tired so I wanted to use this Pomegranate Mask from Sephora that my brother kindly bought me. It is a sheet mask and is only one use but it is really nice as a little treat when your skin really needs it.

First of all, I washed my face to get off any dirt which may have still been on my face. I decided to use another Christmas present which was from a lush gift set I got. I used the serendipity soap to wash my face thoroughly. It has a strong lavender scent so would be nice for calming and is also very good for cleansing the skin.


I then put the mask on, I decided to do this while I was in the bath just so I could relax while doing it. The mask was a sheet mask so all you need to do is unfold it, remove the film and then place it on your clean face for 15 minutes. However, I didn’t do it for that long probably about 10 if that.


Afterwards, you’re meant to just rub in the excess product. These masks always seem to have a lot of product left on the face afterwards so I like to rub it in and then dab my face with a towel.

This is what my face looked like after just using the mask:


My skin has a nice glow to it that it didn’t have when I first woke up and it feels super soft! After this I just applied a lotion which was also a lush product from the same gift set called Sleepy. It is full of lavender scents and is super moisturising, as I didn’t want my face getting dry during the day and I don’t plan on putting make up on!


Would recommend all three of these products for a little pamper session, they definitely helped my combat my winter skin issues.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading..


Review: Morphe 35O Palette!

Hi Guys,

Again it’s been a while but my life is getting taken over by third year psychology!


So today I thought I’d start my break of blog posts to come back with one of my favourite purchases ever! I am so happy that I bought this, it has been out of stock on cult beauty for ages and then I saw their instagram post and had to buy it instantly! I think it was about £22 which isn’t too bad because it has 35 completely wearable shades for all different types of looks.


This is one of the most pigmented palettes I’ve had and it’s a palette that if you’re travelling is perfect because you have so many different shades to make a natural or a very full on look.


I have to say one of the perks of this palette is the foiled shadows that are ridiculously pigmented! One is on the right hand side right at the bottom which is a orange toned red and is beautiful and the other is a really light orange creamy colour. I put one on and had to take some off because I wasn’t expecting me to be pigmented and it stayed on for hours. They are perfect for autumn, winter, spring and summer in all different types of ways!

Also, the top colours on the left are absolutely perfect for inner corner highlight or even just as highlight! I also used the brown shadows for brow colour when I forgot my brow powder and they are so multi-use!

Anyways, hope that this explained all you need to know about this palette, if you want to see some looks with this palette follow me on sofablogs_ on instagram where I’ll be posting more photos over christmas!

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Review: Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Doll Parts!

Hey Guys,

So this is an exciting post I’ve been waiting to do for a while now, my best friend went to America and got the chance to go to warped tour one of the days Jeffree Star was there. I obviously begged her to get me a liquid lipstick and she was kind enough to do that for me.  I asked for any sort of colour, maybe a nude but they were out of pretty much all the new stuff so she was able to get me Doll Parts. I have to say from looking at the reviews and pictures after she bought it and wasn’t here yet, I was expecting a very bright pink and was a bit scared. When I eventually saw it I was actually very pleased to see that its actually more of a dark purple toned pink colour. It’s really a beautiful shade and I thought I better be able to make this work!


I’ve got to say the packaging was a little simple and flimpsy. The cardboard has not held up well and it’s only been in cases and a bag but all the pink is coming away already! Their delivery must move them very carefully! Other than that it’s what I was expecting, the bottle is super pretty and is about the size of a normal lipstick without the lid on top.


I’ve got to say this is my favourite thing about this lipstick, the applicator is the best I’ve seen. Its such a nice round shape and a small little thing that makes application super easy without a lip liner! Definitely a plus if you have small lips like I do!

The Colour/Swatch 

I did put it on my lips but it was an awful picture so I thought I’d do a big swatch. I have to say it didn’t dry very quickly on my hands but it did on my lips. The colour is this beautiful dark pink that I’m really struggling to pull off but hopefully I will find some way of doing it.

Did it meet my expectations? 

I’ve got to say I haven’t had many liquid lipsticks only the sleek ones but I have had a lot of matte lipsticks in general. From watching Jeffree Stars videos and seeing how much he criticises other brands for how “transferable” their product is and how “drying” they are. I have to say this lipstick was way more transferable and drying than any other matte product ever. My lips felt so sore half way through the day I had to get a lip balm. I know liquid lipsticks are known for this issue but considering the sleek ones feel like butter and don’t move all day. I think I was just expecting a little more pay off from this product due to his videos being so critical of other brands. Saying that, I still would use this product as I do like the colour and easy application but I wouldn’t buy another colour when I can get some nice ones from sleek and other cheap brands that last the same.

Hope this was helpful!

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My Favourite Contour Palette!

Sleek – Face Form, Contouring & Blush Kit


I thought I would talk about a product that I can without a doubt recommend considering I have used this product for over a year now and it has never let me down. I have to say that’s why the product looks a bit battered in the picture, it was absolutely perfect until I travelled with it the other day and the blush came away (after a year of looking perfect).


However, the product is still amazing and all three parts are all super pigmented. This palette is in the shade light and is perfect for even the lightest of skin tones. This contour powder is a perfect matte shade and honestly blends like butter! It is quite an orangey undertone which is nice for me but I know some people are not a fan of this. The highlight is gorgeous and super pigmented, a little bit of this goes a long way! The blush has similar components as the highlight and gives off such a nice deep pink colour on the cheeks with a hint of glow. Also, love the packaging it definitely embodies the brand name! The mirror is super big and handy, the packaging is thin and easily fits in any make up bag!

Here’s some swatches: received_10206714915931978

Here are some pictures of a few make up looks using this palette:

What is your favourite contour palette?

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Product Review: Morphe 35S Palette

Hey guys!

Since I’ve enjoyed using my plum palette by Morphe so much I decided to try out a more versatile palette this time that I could use for a numerous of different looks! After crying over the fact I could not get the 35F palette for so long I decided to try out the 35S the smokey palette! I thought this will be perfect, it was £15 on beauty bay with free delivery and it has such bold colours!


It has a few natural colours to create a nice base to apply all the different colours onto it. I like the blue shades as I have never been able to get the deep colours that this palette offers for such a cheap price. With 35 different shades you’re bound to get your money’s worth!


The only things I’d say is wrong with this palette is there’s a bit of fall down when using the shimmery shades. Also, the thing I don’t like is that the three black shades across the bottom aren’t that different to each other. I wish they were a tiny but different, one is matte and the others are different shimmers but other than that I love the vibrant colours in this palette and how different the looks can be with this. Here’s one of the looks I made with this palette.


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What I got for my Birthday!

So I’ve been a bit under the radar recently, mostly because of work and uni assignments but also because it’s been my birthday! I had an amazing time turning 20 but also a very weird time going to work, was so lucky with the things that I got!

Sisters Presents


So my sister is good at getting me lots of little presents which I much prefer because I love having useful presents that are practical also. Just like my pug socks here, face mask which I definitely need at the moment! As you can see, I have had one of my ferro rocher already because it’s my favourite chocolate. The little yankee candles are definitely really cool since they’re great for testing scents, my favourite is the black cherry one and the colouring book is great for my anxiety which will help when I’m hitting main exam periods.

George’s presents

I’m the luckiest girl in the world, he has spoilt me rotten seriously, he got me three amazing candles from Dunelm which were so cute because he knows my obsession with candles, they have very different scents one is coconut and fruit juices, vanilla and then one is grapefruit I think. They’re absolutely amazing and fill the room with their scent so would definitely recommend.


Next present he gave me was too much, I got three sets of Real Technique Make up Brushes… my dream seriously!


If that wasn’t enough he got me a yankee candle set and …. a trip to the Making of Harry Potter! I am over the moon and don’t deserve him at all!


My mom bought me this cute sign as well to put by my desk which is really cute and she paid for my dress that I went out clubbing, the thing I enjoyed the most about my birthday is just realising how many great people I have in my life and how much better off I am this year than last.

Thank you to my best friends who’s presents I haven’t mentions (because the post would be too long) but if you want to see the many beauty items I got let me know!

Love and appreciate everyone in my life and everyone who reads my posts!

Thanks for reading

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Smokey Spring Make Up!

So, first of all I just want to apologise for the state of my eyebrows, they are overgrown right now and I really couldn’t be bothered to fill them today!

I just wanted to do a quick spring smokey eye look for you guys, I am just chilling today and I am also vlogging so make sure to go check out my youtube channel here.

So here are the products I used: IMG_7102.JPG

Wanted to make this look really simplistic so you could wear it for an everyday look, therefore I used as little products as possible!

For a face I used the beauty uk prime fix foundation primer all over my face including my eyes because they are so dry at the moment. Then I used my Max Factor Facefinity Foundation in beige all over the face and let that sink into my skin. After doing my eyes I then returned and used the Maybelline Eraser Eye in Light for my dark circles and finished off with a tiny bit of MUA blusher in Bon Bon. 


For the eyes I used my Sephora Wishes Come True Palette and I used the middle brownish colour all over the lid, a little bit of the grey for my crease and a mix of the highlighter and cream shade for the inner corner. I then used my Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Liner in Sable Brown for my waterline. I like using this colour especially since I have green eyes as I think it brings the colour out of them nicer than a black eye liner. I then just finished off with the Rimmel Super Lash Mascara in Black just to give my lashes some length.

Then on my lips I used the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial which is a lovely shade and consistency and just makes my lips look massive!


Here’s the finished look!

Thanks for reading!