Review: Morphe 35O Palette!

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Again it’s been a while but my life is getting taken over by third year psychology!


So today I thought I’d start my break of blog posts to come back with one of my favourite purchases ever! I am so happy that I bought this, it has been out of stock on cult beauty for ages and then I saw their instagram post and had to buy it instantly! I think it was about £22 which isn’t too bad because it has 35 completely wearable shades for all different types of looks.


This is one of the most pigmented palettes I’ve had and it’s a palette that if you’re travelling is perfect because you have so many different shades to make a natural or a very full on look.


I have to say one of the perks of this palette is the foiled shadows that are ridiculously pigmented! One is on the right hand side right at the bottom which is a orange toned red and is beautiful and the other is a really light orange creamy colour. I put one on and had to take some off because I wasn’t expecting me to be pigmented and it stayed on for hours. They are perfect for autumn, winter, spring and summer in all different types of ways!

Also, the top colours on the left are absolutely perfect for inner corner highlight or even just as highlight! I also used the brown shadows for brow colour when I forgot my brow powder and they are so multi-use!

Anyways, hope that this explained all you need to know about this palette, if you want to see some looks with this palette follow me on sofablogs_ on instagram where I’ll be posting more photos over christmas!

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Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

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So first I want to say thanks to all the people that have got me to 200 followers! That was my year goal and I’ve managed to do it in 7 months which is amazing, so thank you for reading all my posts and I hope to keep it up :).


Today I wanted to review the very well-known all nighter makeup spray from a point of view of a person who only really wears drug store brands. I thought me using it would be a good telling of whether it actually did work. This week I also lost my amazing primer (have since found it) so I have really only been using moisturiser to hold the foundation and this spray.

I do have to say that my foundation and powders have stayed on noticeably longer than usual. As you can see I got the smaller bottle available, I got this at the urban decay stall in Debenhams and it only cost me £9! Which I was willing to pay just to try it, I think the bigger bottles are around £24 which would last a decent amount of time, I think this one will last about a month and a half if I used it everyday but I’ll use it for special occasions.

This is a picture of my makeup just put on:

My face makeup looks a bit pale because of the lighting but this is it at the end of the day, shows how well it has kept with the spray!

Even the contouring lasted pretty well which doesn’t usually happen especially with drugstore brands! The eye makeup looks the same as a few hours before too.

So overall, I would say this product is worth the £9 just to try it out and stuff and I think I would use it for special occasions but I feel like getting a good primer is good enough for everyday use. This is definitely good for weddings and stuff like that though.

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Glowed up Summer Make Up Look! GRWM

Hey Guys,

So I thought I would do something very different today and walk through how I did my make up for today. The weather in England is super hot right now so I wanted to do a really fun glowy make up look with products that are more likely to last!


Hi! This is me without make up on, I hardly got any sleep last night due to the stickiness of the weather so my bags are full on! Also, the camera is making me look really dark but in the next shots it sort of shows my real pale skin colour!

As you can see my spots are horrible right now and they are little dots so I wanted to use a good foundation and primer to sort that out. For primer I used the Nivea Express Hydration Primer which I’ve mentioned in a blog post before and did a review on it. This is a nice primer which gives a nice layer over your pores for the foundation to stick to. For foundation I used Max Factor All Day Flawless Foundation in Beige. This foundation is pretty full coverage and has a primer and concealer already in it so can be used by itself, but because it was hot I decided to double up! Then I used a damp sponge to blend that in!


I decided to go straight to my eyes after this to avoid any fall down issues so for eye primer I used Maybelline Color Tatto 24 Hr in the shade Creme de Rose it has also been mentioned in a blog post as a dupe for Mac’s paint pot in painterly and is a great primer. I then set that with my white shade in my Morphe 35P palette and used the warm light brown shade all over the lid, then gradually built up with a warm dark brown shade in my crease which created the perfect tone for an orange-toned summer look. I then switched over to my Morphe 35S palette and used the two first colours in that palette to create a shimmery summer look. I also used the white shimmer in that palette in my inner corner to highlight this. This is what I looked like at this stage with foundation and all the colours on:


Now for concealer I used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light under my eyes and in the areas that I’d usually highlight to create a nice tone. Then set my face with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Silky Beige and went onto my Sleek Contouring and Blush Kit in Light which was my last review! I used all three in this palette together and it looks so nice. I then added a beautiful bronzer which was the Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in Golden Days. This made it such a nice summery look and this bronzer is only about £3 in superdrug would recommend!

Last but not least is these  products:

  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Liner in Jet Black
  • Rimmer Super Long Lash Mascara in Brown Black
  • Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist
  • Collection Work the Colour Brow Kit (Middle Shade)


Last but not least I set my look using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray which will probably be reviewed soon and I will take pictures of how this look lasted in this heat!

Here’s a few pictures of everything together!

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Product Review: Morphe 35S Palette

Hey guys!

Since I’ve enjoyed using my plum palette by Morphe so much I decided to try out a more versatile palette this time that I could use for a numerous of different looks! After crying over the fact I could not get the 35F palette for so long I decided to try out the 35S the smokey palette! I thought this will be perfect, it was £15 on beauty bay with free delivery and it has such bold colours!


It has a few natural colours to create a nice base to apply all the different colours onto it. I like the blue shades as I have never been able to get the deep colours that this palette offers for such a cheap price. With 35 different shades you’re bound to get your money’s worth!


The only things I’d say is wrong with this palette is there’s a bit of fall down when using the shimmery shades. Also, the thing I don’t like is that the three black shades across the bottom aren’t that different to each other. I wish they were a tiny but different, one is matte and the others are different shimmers but other than that I love the vibrant colours in this palette and how different the looks can be with this. Here’s one of the looks I made with this palette.


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Product Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer!

Hey guys,

So the other day I was really desperate for a primer as it was my Mom’s 60th birthday party the night after and I really needed one which would make my foundation very matte and last all night. So I endeavoured into Superdrug on a busy Friday afternoon wondering around the make-up isles full of different brands. I looked at all of them, Max Factor, GOSH, Collection and they all had the same sort of packaging, very small and all very expensive with the cheapest being around £7 for something that may or may not keep my make up on.


I actually gave up and went to have a browse at the skin care isle when I saw the Nivea Express Hydration Primer sitting next to the moisturisers. I remembered the hype that everyone had over their men’s after shaving balm and how this would work as the most amazing primer! So I looked at the ingredients and it also had a lot of glycerine which works as a glue for make-up. The best part was that it was just over 2 pound and marked as less than half price!


So I immediately picked it up and took it home, using it before the party and absolutely loved the way that my make-up went on after applying this primer. It was so smooth and made my foundation look like my actual skin! The best part of this primer was that even after a whole 6 and a half hours of being in a room, drinking, dancing and sweating (gross I know) I got home and went to take my make-up off and to my surprise all the foundation was on the make-up wipe! I was amazed and have continued to use this product as it is such a good one for the price. Also, I have to say that the packaging is a lot more feminine than the aftershave balm and a lot easier to put into your make-up bag!


Let me know any other great primers you know, it’s a scary product to experiment with I find!

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Review of the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow!

Hey Guys,

So, as you might know from the previous post I have been loving Nikkietutorials for a while now and in every one of her eye looks I have seen that she uses a Mac Paint Pot to prime her eyes and make the magic stay on all day. As this is quite an expensive product at £16 for one colour and I wasn’t prepared to pay that much for an eye primer, I had a think about what would be a good dupe for the Mac Paint Pot especially the colours soft ochre and painterly.

Image above: Sourced from google, from Vanity Rouge.

So I had a look around and thought to myself about the 24 hour Color Tattoo that Maybelline had brought out. After seeing it in the shop for only £4.99 a pot and seeing the colour range be so similar to Mac I decided to give one a go!


I chose the one in the colour “Crème De Rose” which is actually an identical dupe for Painterly by Mac. I did a swatch of this one in store and found it to be a lovely pink-toned nude which was a perfect base for me. As for texture it is a very creamy base which is less thick than I first thought they would be. Also, I have had this pot for months, using it almost every day and the pictures in this post were taken recently, it hardly looks touched! So you definitely do get a lot for your money.


To fully show you the quality of this product I used my fancy camera (ignore the spots and chicken pox scars) to show what a good base it is on the eyelid. As you can see from the picture it takes out all the creases and lines which may show through and creates the perfect base for any eye look.


Then, I thought I’d show you exactly how much can it pick up for an eye shadow of lower pigment. So I decided to use the lightest shade from the Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit and put that all over my lid.


I’ve always found this colour hard to use as it isn’t very pigmented and using it without a base I have to pack a lot on. But, the picture below is one little swipe of the palette with a brush and straight onto that Color Tattoo.


As shown in the picture (that pout tho), the colour is amazing! It looks very pigmented and even across the lid which allows a good base for any make up look! I am so impressed by the ability of this dupe. To top it off, the length it keeps the make up on for is extraordinary, even just using collection and other high street brands, I will do an eight hour shift at work and come back with the make up looking exactly the same because of this product! Eyeliner stays on like a treat too, trust me when I say it is worth the trip to Superdrug! They also have a whole range of colours including a nice dark silver colour which I really want to try next for a smokey eye.

Let me know what you think of this product or comment another dupe for the Mac paint pot.

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My Favourite Make-up Brushes!


Hey guys!

So Recently I have gathered quite the collection of brushes, expensive and cheap but for everyday make-up these ones have definitely stuck out for me.

Foundation Brushes

13323900_10206416215424652_115566659_oMy ultimate favourite foundation brush is the Sephora foundation brush which is the black one in the pictures. It’d argue it’s probably the densest brush I’ve ever used and it is so soft! The foundation just buffs straight into the skin when I use this one. I remember this being around 20 euros which isn’t too bad for how much I’ve used it! The other one is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush I got this in the face set which my boyfriend got me which came with a flat foundation brush too but I think this one is a good dupe for the Sephora one for those in the UK who can’t get their hands on it. Its also very soft but just that much thinner than the Sephora one. Would still recommend it to anyone!

Lavish Brushes 


So these brushes I got from TK Maxx in a set of four it also came with an amazing fluffy brush similar to the Mac 217 which I lost :(. But this set was probably about 10 pounds and I reckon you could probably find it online. These brushes are particularly good for different things. The bigger one is good for packing on a base colour which is always handy in everyday makeup. The other one is good for smoking out the lash-line.

Blending Brushes


So can we just appreciate the Mac 217 for a second, legit love it so much, it blends my crease colours like butter. The hype is real guys, it is worth the money trust me, you’ll never go back! This Real Techniques deluxe crease brush is also a dream to blend eye make-up. It is very chunky but for a two colour blend it would be amazing, not for more detailed stuff I would argue.

Right so that’s all my favourites! let me know what your favourites are in the comments!

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