Pamper Session and review of the Sephora Pomegranate Face Mask!

Hey Guys,

So today I decided to give my skin a little pamper as after going to Stockholm my face has been in very cold weather for a while! As it has been so cold my skin was looking very dull and tired so I wanted to use this Pomegranate Mask from Sephora that my brother kindly bought me. It is a sheet mask and is only one use but it is really nice as a little treat when your skin really needs it.

First of all, I washed my face to get off any dirt which may have still been on my face. I decided to use another Christmas present which was from a lush gift set I got. I used the serendipity soap to wash my face thoroughly. It has a strong lavender scent so would be nice for calming and is also very good for cleansing the skin.


I then put the mask on, I decided to do this while I was in the bath just so I could relax while doing it. The mask was a sheet mask so all you need to do is unfold it, remove the film and then place it on your clean face for 15 minutes. However, I didn’t do it for that long probably about 10 if that.


Afterwards, you’re meant to just rub in the excess product. These masks always seem to have a lot of product left on the face afterwards so I like to rub it in and then dab my face with a towel.

This is what my face looked like after just using the mask:


My skin has a nice glow to it that it didn’t have when I first woke up and it feels super soft! After this I just applied a lotion which was also a lush product from the same gift set called Sleepy. It is full of lavender scents and is super moisturising, as I didn’t want my face getting dry during the day and I don’t plan on putting make up on!


Would recommend all three of these products for a little pamper session, they definitely helped my combat my winter skin issues.

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LUSH REVIEW: The Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb!

So this has got to be my favourite bath bomb of all time! This was the most satisfying bath bomb to watch and the pay off was ridiculously amazing.

We’ll start with how it looks before being put in the water. The bath bomb essentially looks like it has been cut in half to reveal this amazing shimmer ball in the middle. Lush then added petals on the side of the bath bomb, which I knew before buying would come away to create amazing colours. The smell of this bath bomb is what you would expect from the name of it, very floral. I love them scents as it’s such a fresh yet sweet smell that sticks to you when you come out of the bath.


When you initally put it in the bath, the smell just fills the room! These lovely swirls of purple float around the bath as the petals come off and create such a lovely pattern. This is quite a slow fizzer but so worth it in the end.

I was really interested in what colour the yellow and purple would create at the end of the fizzing but it turned out to be a lovely pale pink which was so pretty. It also had the best shimmer I have ever seen. When you moved the water around the shimmer would move with it. However, the shimmer didn’t stick to you like some of the others do so I was really happy about that! Wish I could’ve got a real picture of the shimmer but it is such a lovely surprise at the end!


Hands down, my favourite bath bomb wish it was in more than just Oxford Street! Will definitely be buying this again.

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LUSH REVIEW: Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Hey guys! So this is my first review of my Oxford street exclusives! I’m so happy! Get to finally use them after my chicken pox have cleared.

This one was the one I was most excited about as I’ve saw the results online and thought it looked amazing. It is bright orange and has cute purple polka-dots on them which looked so nice.


The scent is very orange flavoured sweets which was so refreshing and filled the room so much, definitely one of my favourite scents. It was quite a fast fizzer but it was probably the coolest I’ve ever seen. As you can tell by the name of the bath bomb, the purple circles melt and have an oil consistency so they create a lava lamp effect in the bath. The orange is very vibrant in the bath so it is a really extravagant bath! Here are some pictures which I hope do this justice.

The only thing that really let me down about my expectations of this bath bomb is the staining… having a bath and this will turn you purple and will stain the bath badly if you don’t clean it straight off. It sort of takes the point away from the bath bomb because you have to shower after and don’t feel clean when you leave. They really do need to sort that out about it but if they fixed that this would definitely be my favourite one.


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List of LUSH Oxford Street Exclusives (as of March 2016)

This is the recent list of Oxford Street Exclusives which I composed when going around the shop on my recent trip to Lush! Some of them may not be completely accurate but since working in Lush previously, I don’t remember seeing them in stores! I will be doing reviews on a lot of these in the future since I purchased a lot of them! So they will be linked in their name or check out my blog!

Bath Bombs

Lava Lamp
Spring Bunny
Golden Slumbers
Sacred Lotus
Guardian of the Forest
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Cyanide Pill

Bubble Bars

Down the Rabbithole
Little Dragon
Cherry Blossom

Bath Oils

I am a radiant being
Oil on troubled water
Monsieur Gustave
Lime Pastille
The Sun
Orange Blossom
Shark Infested Custard
Johnny Appleseed
Flowers Barrow
Happy Thoughts
Cloak of invisibility


Speed Boat

Solid Shampoo

Hairy McClairy

Shampoo Bar

Karma Komba
Jumping Juniper


Milky Bar
Sea Salted Caramel
Oxford Street
Green Gold
Somewhere over the Rainbow

Other Body Products

Coconut Scrubby
Candy Floss Showder
Lemon Sherbet Showder
Wash You Were Here Wash Card
Best Washes Wash Card
Wash that Man Wash Card
Dont Rain on my Parade Wash Card

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Our Trip to London 2016:

Hey Guys,

So as you would know if you read my last post I have spent the last three days in London and have enjoyed every bit of it. Having a bit of a comedown from this adventure so I thought I would do a post about what we did, how much everything was and some tips about London!

Transport and Accomodation: 

As we live in Birmingham and transport wasn’t too big of a deal my boyfriend and I focused on hotels first of all. We looked at many sites like Trivago and stuff like that and didn’t find them to be too helpful so we just went straight to the Premier Inn Website. We found this to be quick and easy for finding the best possible deal and best place for us to stay. For us this was the Victoria Premier Inn on Gillingham St. You can find this here. It was a great hotel, well located just down the road from Victoria Coach and Train Station which has links to pretty much everywhere. There prices start at £76 a night which is really good for London and the room and customer service was all lovely and quick. Also, it’s good to note that when we checked out they asked if we wanted to leave luggage with them, which is really good if you have a late train or coach that day!


For transport to London we chose to go by coach, this was the cheapest option with a return ticket for two people costing £21. It was comfy and direct which is a change for some coaches and we went with National Express. As for getting around London itself we chose to use the tube, I know this is a scary thought for some people (including me) but they are simply the easiest way to get around. A travel card when bought on the day cost £12 for unlimited travel on any zone which is amazing! We also both had railcards which made it £8! All I’d say is get the “tube map” app on your phone which tells you which line to take and which way for where ever you need to go!

What to See

So we pretty much did everything we possibly could! This was George’s first time in London so as soon as we got there we went to Buckingham Palace which was a short walk away from Victoria and was lovely because we also had a walk around Green Park. Then, we went to Oxford Street, my most exciting bit because I got to go to Lush Oxford Street (expect loads of lush related posts about that).


The next day, we saw a lot, getting the tube to Leicester Square and going to M&M World was a fun and quirky thing to do, we got personalised M&Ms which was so cute but quite a novelty. Piccadilly Circus was very impressive and a short walk away from Trafalgar Square where we went to the National Gallery, this was free and really cool to see paintings by Monet and Van Gogh. After that we went to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge where there is many different restaurants just over the road from Tower of London. We then walked towards Millenium Bridge just to be a complete Harry Potter nerd. Then finally, we went on the London Eye. This was incredible even though the weather was not on our side at all it was still great to see the whole of London from above, would recommend because it’s well worth the money. 

Here are a series of pictures of the things we did!

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Interesting things I’ve packed for London!

Hey Guys, so excited to be writing this the day before I go on a two night trip to the capital city for my birthday! I thought I would just write a few things about some of the products and essentials I am taking with me and why! 12887451_10206002511962324_381309865_o.jpg

Apologies for the crappy quality from the picture…

So beauty, from Lush I’m taking LOM, Snow Fairy and New which are all pretty beaten up but I thought they’d be a good idea as sometimes the quality of the shampoo that you get in hotels doesn’t quite cut it and me and George have not used these up much so thought it’d be cute to use the little bottles!

I’m also taking my Simple cleanser, I feel this is a really nice moisturising one for taking off make up and for also just keeping my skin feeling soft after a long day. Also, the weather is meant to be rubbish so I want something that will be soothing!

I’m also taking my Canon EOSM to take arty blog pictures and document this amazing trip (I will also be going to Lush Oxford Street) and I am taking my Kodak Play Sport for vlogging on my youtube channel! So if you want to check that out you can subscribe here.


Just wanted this one to be a quick one and I want to know some of the interesting products you guys take when you go away..

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My Top Three Eye Shadow Palettes!

So I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now, make up is a big hobby of mine really and I have in the past has a lot of trouble with different eye shadow palettes, whether they don’t have a lasting effect or just an effect at all on my eyes! So here are my all time favourite eye shadow palettes and I will order them from my least favourite to my most!

Revlon Colourstay Palette in 500 – Addictive Intoxiquant

So this little palette is my new love, seriously amazing little thing! It has a lovely set of nude colours and on the back it has a diagram suggesting where you can use them. This is a great little one for people just starting out with make up and I would recommend this as a gift to maybe a teenager just getting into it. The colour pay off is absolutely incredible, My eyelids are pretty dry so I used a touch of primer on my eyes but when I put the eye shadow on it just stayed on all day! Very highly pigmented and it really suited my skin tone and eye colour (which is green) loved it!

Sephora Wishes Come True Palette

I’ll be honest, I don’t know where you can get this from anymore, I live in England and bought this when I went to Barcelona. Although it technically isn’t just an eye shadow palette as it has two highlighters and a blush (which are also amazing), it still has the most amazing everyday colours. I use the lovely brown toned colour as a base and the grey in the crease and off I go! Definitely my second favourite.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 

I don’t know what I actually did before I had this palette, it has got to be the best thing I’ve bought. This palette is so good for a night out and even during the day too! I don’t think there’s much else I need to say about this palette, if you want to see what it looks like and how I use it check out my youtube video here.

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading, let me know in the comments what you favourite palettes are?

Thanks for reading xxx