An amazing full coverage foundation for under £4!

Hey guys!

So the other day I was looking for a foundation that would work well and be an everyday foundation for a low price. I was in Wilko’s and ended up buying a foundation for £3.80! After using if for two days straight and one of those days going out for the night I decided I know enough about how well it works to tell you guys about it.


This is the product, the Essence Camouflage Make-up and concealer. First of all, obviously the price is absolutely amazing of this product as it is so cheap and you got 30ml which will probably last a good while. As it states on the bottle, this is a high coverage product which I really need at the moment due to my skin breaking out.

To show you in the best way possible I decided to take before and after pictures of my make-up. Firstly, with my Canon 500D camera so it is very high quality showing all my blemishes so please don’t judge!


Even though this isn’t very bright you can obviously see the dark circles and blemishes that I have on my face. This is the picture after applying one layer of this foundation just over moisturised skin.


Excuse the fact I got a little bit on my lip but how amazing is this! As you can see from my forehead and under-eyes they are all concealed without any concealer other than this product. It isn’t patchy and I’d say this product is definitely build-able too.

This is the pictures from my phone just to show a less intense version. This is a before and after and a finished look from my phone…

Concerning length of time the product lasts I can say from wearing this product on a night out and attempting to wipe it off when I got back (obviously wasn’t sober). I didn’t manage to get all of it off so I took a make-up wipe the next morning and there was still product on my face! So it definitely is heavy duty even though it is only £3.80! I definitely would recommend this and just to let you guys know, my skin is combination skin and I’ve not found the product to go patchy at all during the day.

The shade I used is ivory and I mixed it literally with the tiniest drop of Rimmel match perfection in soft beige just to make it a tiny bit darker. Here’s the ratio i used just to show you how little it is and wouldn’t be effected by the consistency.


Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone just to try it because at the end of the day it is only £3.80!

Here’s the link to the foundation!

Thank you guys so much for reading!

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Product Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer!

Hey guys,

So the other day I was really desperate for a primer as it was my Mom’s 60th birthday party the night after and I really needed one which would make my foundation very matte and last all night. So I endeavoured into Superdrug on a busy Friday afternoon wondering around the make-up isles full of different brands. I looked at all of them, Max Factor, GOSH, Collection and they all had the same sort of packaging, very small and all very expensive with the cheapest being around £7 for something that may or may not keep my make up on.


I actually gave up and went to have a browse at the skin care isle when I saw the Nivea Express Hydration Primer sitting next to the moisturisers. I remembered the hype that everyone had over their men’s after shaving balm and how this would work as the most amazing primer! So I looked at the ingredients and it also had a lot of glycerine which works as a glue for make-up. The best part was that it was just over 2 pound and marked as less than half price!


So I immediately picked it up and took it home, using it before the party and absolutely loved the way that my make-up went on after applying this primer. It was so smooth and made my foundation look like my actual skin! The best part of this primer was that even after a whole 6 and a half hours of being in a room, drinking, dancing and sweating (gross I know) I got home and went to take my make-up off and to my surprise all the foundation was on the make-up wipe! I was amazed and have continued to use this product as it is such a good one for the price. Also, I have to say that the packaging is a lot more feminine than the aftershave balm and a lot easier to put into your make-up bag!


Let me know any other great primers you know, it’s a scary product to experiment with I find!

Thanks for Reading


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How I organise my makeup!

So this has been a difficult thing for me for quite a while, especially since I travel back and forth a lot from uni to Birmingham. I used to just have a massive makeup bag and it used to take me ages to do it every morning just purely because I was trying to dig for my foundation. So what I decided was I needed an acrylic organiser to help me out! 


I bought my organiser on Ebay for £13.99 and it is the best thing I’ve bought this year I reckon. Really changed everything considering I know where everything is. What it did make me realise is that I have way too much makeup! Four foundations is a bit much Soph!

There are two compartments for brushes and really, mine is overflowing but I am working myself up to get rid of a few. 12 little compartments for lipsticks which are so helpful, you can see on mine too you can also use it for nail varnish if they’re small enough. Also, it has a bit one for foundation and stuff like that, I also put my mascara there as I like to just pick that up when I’m having a good skin day or something but I really like the sturdiness and the look of this organiser.

There are two little draws which I put my everyday makeup in, my mini sleek contour palette, concealer, eye primer, rimmel matte powder and brow palette.

The two other drawers are everything else, mostly face makeup like my big sleek contour palette and my highlighters and my other blushers. It looks quite empty right now because I decided that it was too much to have all my eye makeup in there so if anyone has a cool way of storing eye palettes that would be cool to know!


They’re just sitting in the drawer underneath at the moment.

Hope you like this idea guys, let me know if you want any detailed posts on the makeup you’ve seen.

Thanks for reading