Product Review: Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Mint Condition!

Hey Guys,

I’m so excited to be back and I have some great posts lined up for you guys in the near future. Just to update you I have now finished my undergraduate degree and I am fully flexible to focus on this blog in the Summer so I am super happy!

I thought I would kick this off by reviewing one of my favourite presents from my birthday in April which was this gorgeous highlighter by Jeffree Star Cosmetics that my best friend nicely gave to me.  The colour is called Mint Condition and is available on Beauty Bay here.  The packaging for this product I think is very high quality it definitely is iconic with the bright pink colour. The price is quite reasonable for a mid-range brand I would say (not quite high end but not drugstore) as the highlight is £25.50 but for the size of the pan, which is probably bigger than my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and that’s quite big so you get your money’s worth. It also has a huge high quality mirror which I absolutely love for using in my make-up bag it’s just right.


I know that the colour looks a bit daunting if you haven’t used this type of highlighter before but I have to tell you it’s absolutely stunning. I did do a swatch for you guys on my hand and that is just from dipping my finger in very lightly as I really don’t want to ruin the pattern in the pan (typical me). I found the swatch to be beautiful but not half as intimidating as what you probably first thought.


You can use this product sparingly to give a beautiful glow or go all out which is what I did in one of the pictures today just to show you how gorgeous it is on. As you can probably see the green is not really that visible, in real life it only reflects green in the light so I feel like this is a really wearable product. The undertones look sort of champagne colour when it is on the skin so I feel this would suit a lot of skin tones and I can’t wait to try this colour in the summer! Also, I have tried it using my finger as an eye shadow for the centre of the lid and it is so pretty too.

I feel like this product is best using a fan brush which is what I used as using a finger to apply would leave quite a green colour but using a fan brush or blending brush just to blend it nicely onto the cheeks was stunning. This product has officially kicked off my highlighter addiction and I now want hundreds more!


Overall I would highly recommend this product and would love to get the Manny MUA collab one that is also on Beauty Bay and looks super nice!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I’m looking forward to posting a lot more regularly than before.

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Skincare Review: Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-on!

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, been really busy at work and learning to drive. So, I decided to do a post about a skincare based product which I’ve been using for quite a while. The boots eye roll-on which contains brightening hibiscus and targets appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


First of all, the packaging I felt was really sleek and professional, it really caught my eye when I walked past. I really like how minimal it is and informative of what the product actually does.


I really like the applicator on this is the perfect size to get around the eye area gently but effectively. As for the product, it has been very effective after using it for a few weeks the dark circles are noticeably brighter. I apply this product both morning and night and have found it to fit in to my routine so easily. The texture is similar to a serum and easily soaks into the skin and quickly awakens the eyes each morning.

Definitely would recommend this product as it was half price, although would definitely pay the full price of only £8!

Hope this has been helpful.

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Review: Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Doll Parts!

Hey Guys,

So this is an exciting post I’ve been waiting to do for a while now, my best friend went to America and got the chance to go to warped tour one of the days Jeffree Star was there. I obviously begged her to get me a liquid lipstick and she was kind enough to do that for me.  I asked for any sort of colour, maybe a nude but they were out of pretty much all the new stuff so she was able to get me Doll Parts. I have to say from looking at the reviews and pictures after she bought it and wasn’t here yet, I was expecting a very bright pink and was a bit scared. When I eventually saw it I was actually very pleased to see that its actually more of a dark purple toned pink colour. It’s really a beautiful shade and I thought I better be able to make this work!


I’ve got to say the packaging was a little simple and flimpsy. The cardboard has not held up well and it’s only been in cases and a bag but all the pink is coming away already! Their delivery must move them very carefully! Other than that it’s what I was expecting, the bottle is super pretty and is about the size of a normal lipstick without the lid on top.


I’ve got to say this is my favourite thing about this lipstick, the applicator is the best I’ve seen. Its such a nice round shape and a small little thing that makes application super easy without a lip liner! Definitely a plus if you have small lips like I do!

The Colour/Swatch 

I did put it on my lips but it was an awful picture so I thought I’d do a big swatch. I have to say it didn’t dry very quickly on my hands but it did on my lips. The colour is this beautiful dark pink that I’m really struggling to pull off but hopefully I will find some way of doing it.

Did it meet my expectations? 

I’ve got to say I haven’t had many liquid lipsticks only the sleek ones but I have had a lot of matte lipsticks in general. From watching Jeffree Stars videos and seeing how much he criticises other brands for how “transferable” their product is and how “drying” they are. I have to say this lipstick was way more transferable and drying than any other matte product ever. My lips felt so sore half way through the day I had to get a lip balm. I know liquid lipsticks are known for this issue but considering the sleek ones feel like butter and don’t move all day. I think I was just expecting a little more pay off from this product due to his videos being so critical of other brands. Saying that, I still would use this product as I do like the colour and easy application but I wouldn’t buy another colour when I can get some nice ones from sleek and other cheap brands that last the same.

Hope this was helpful!

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Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Hey Guys,

So first I want to say thanks to all the people that have got me to 200 followers! That was my year goal and I’ve managed to do it in 7 months which is amazing, so thank you for reading all my posts and I hope to keep it up :).


Today I wanted to review the very well-known all nighter makeup spray from a point of view of a person who only really wears drug store brands. I thought me using it would be a good telling of whether it actually did work. This week I also lost my amazing primer (have since found it) so I have really only been using moisturiser to hold the foundation and this spray.

I do have to say that my foundation and powders have stayed on noticeably longer than usual. As you can see I got the smaller bottle available, I got this at the urban decay stall in Debenhams and it only cost me £9! Which I was willing to pay just to try it, I think the bigger bottles are around £24 which would last a decent amount of time, I think this one will last about a month and a half if I used it everyday but I’ll use it for special occasions.

This is a picture of my makeup just put on:

My face makeup looks a bit pale because of the lighting but this is it at the end of the day, shows how well it has kept with the spray!

Even the contouring lasted pretty well which doesn’t usually happen especially with drugstore brands! The eye makeup looks the same as a few hours before too.

So overall, I would say this product is worth the £9 just to try it out and stuff and I think I would use it for special occasions but I feel like getting a good primer is good enough for everyday use. This is definitely good for weddings and stuff like that though.

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Glowed up Summer Make Up Look! GRWM

Hey Guys,

So I thought I would do something very different today and walk through how I did my make up for today. The weather in England is super hot right now so I wanted to do a really fun glowy make up look with products that are more likely to last!


Hi! This is me without make up on, I hardly got any sleep last night due to the stickiness of the weather so my bags are full on! Also, the camera is making me look really dark but in the next shots it sort of shows my real pale skin colour!

As you can see my spots are horrible right now and they are little dots so I wanted to use a good foundation and primer to sort that out. For primer I used the Nivea Express Hydration Primer which I’ve mentioned in a blog post before and did a review on it. This is a nice primer which gives a nice layer over your pores for the foundation to stick to. For foundation I used Max Factor All Day Flawless Foundation in Beige. This foundation is pretty full coverage and has a primer and concealer already in it so can be used by itself, but because it was hot I decided to double up! Then I used a damp sponge to blend that in!


I decided to go straight to my eyes after this to avoid any fall down issues so for eye primer I used Maybelline Color Tatto 24 Hr in the shade Creme de Rose it has also been mentioned in a blog post as a dupe for Mac’s paint pot in painterly and is a great primer. I then set that with my white shade in my Morphe 35P palette and used the warm light brown shade all over the lid, then gradually built up with a warm dark brown shade in my crease which created the perfect tone for an orange-toned summer look. I then switched over to my Morphe 35S palette and used the two first colours in that palette to create a shimmery summer look. I also used the white shimmer in that palette in my inner corner to highlight this. This is what I looked like at this stage with foundation and all the colours on:


Now for concealer I used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light under my eyes and in the areas that I’d usually highlight to create a nice tone. Then set my face with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Silky Beige and went onto my Sleek Contouring and Blush Kit in Light which was my last review! I used all three in this palette together and it looks so nice. I then added a beautiful bronzer which was the Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in Golden Days. This made it such a nice summery look and this bronzer is only about £3 in superdrug would recommend!

Last but not least is these  products:

  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Liner in Jet Black
  • Rimmer Super Long Lash Mascara in Brown Black
  • Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist
  • Collection Work the Colour Brow Kit (Middle Shade)


Last but not least I set my look using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray which will probably be reviewed soon and I will take pictures of how this look lasted in this heat!

Here’s a few pictures of everything together!

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My Favourite Contour Palette!

Sleek – Face Form, Contouring & Blush Kit


I thought I would talk about a product that I can without a doubt recommend considering I have used this product for over a year now and it has never let me down. I have to say that’s why the product looks a bit battered in the picture, it was absolutely perfect until I travelled with it the other day and the blush came away (after a year of looking perfect).


However, the product is still amazing and all three parts are all super pigmented. This palette is in the shade light and is perfect for even the lightest of skin tones. This contour powder is a perfect matte shade and honestly blends like butter! It is quite an orangey undertone which is nice for me but I know some people are not a fan of this. The highlight is gorgeous and super pigmented, a little bit of this goes a long way! The blush has similar components as the highlight and gives off such a nice deep pink colour on the cheeks with a hint of glow. Also, love the packaging it definitely embodies the brand name! The mirror is super big and handy, the packaging is thin and easily fits in any make up bag!

Here’s some swatches: received_10206714915931978

Here are some pictures of a few make up looks using this palette:

What is your favourite contour palette?

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Product Review: Sephora Green Tea Sleeping Mask

Hey Guys,

So being in England means that Sephora products are really hard to get a hold of. However, I’m very lucky to have a brother living in Dubai who can get loads of cool things when he comes back over. For my birthday he bought this and four other masks I really can’t wait to try so let me know if a review of them would be good too!


So this was a tiny little thing but honestly has so much product in it. The instructions say to put a very thin layer all over the face before you go to bed and then leave it over night to soak in. I was worried it would be a very creamy product but was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was a gel! Such a thin consistency and felt just like I was moisturizing my face before bed. Therefore, application was super easy and it wasn’t hard to sleep with it on at all. It also meant that there’s enough product for at least three applications in this little pot which is really good for the size of it. The picture below shows the amount of product left after use and the consistency of it.


The only flaw I found with this product is that it isn’t resealable which is pretty bad as when I went around to my boyfriends and had to bring it back, I had to hold it in my hands to stop it from spilling everywhere!

Overall, I felt like this product does work, it minimized my pores when I woke up this morning and my face felt very refreshed. Would recommend to anyone who could get there hands on it!

Thanks for Reading!