LUSH REVIEW: The Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb!

So this has got to be my favourite bath bomb of all time! This was the most satisfying bath bomb to watch and the pay off was ridiculously amazing.

We’ll start with how it looks before being put in the water. The bath bomb essentially looks like it has been cut in half to reveal this amazing shimmer ball in the middle. Lush then added petals on the side of the bath bomb, which I knew before buying would come away to create amazing colours. The smell of this bath bomb is what you would expect from the name of it, very floral. I love them scents as it’s such a fresh yet sweet smell that sticks to you when you come out of the bath.


When you initally put it in the bath, the smell just fills the room! These lovely swirls of purple float around the bath as the petals come off and create such a lovely pattern. This is quite a slow fizzer but so worth it in the end.

I was really interested in what colour the yellow and purple would create at the end of the fizzing but it turned out to be a lovely pale pink which was so pretty. It also had the best shimmer I have ever seen. When you moved the water around the shimmer would move with it. However, the shimmer didn’t stick to you like some of the others do so I was really happy about that! Wish I could’ve got a real picture of the shimmer but it is such a lovely surprise at the end!


Hands down, my favourite bath bomb wish it was in more than just Oxford Street! Will definitely be buying this again.

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LUSH REVIEW: Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Hey guys! So this is my first review of my Oxford street exclusives! I’m so happy! Get to finally use them after my chicken pox have cleared.

This one was the one I was most excited about as I’ve saw the results online and thought it looked amazing. It is bright orange and has cute purple polka-dots on them which looked so nice.


The scent is very orange flavoured sweets which was so refreshing and filled the room so much, definitely one of my favourite scents. It was quite a fast fizzer but it was probably the coolest I’ve ever seen. As you can tell by the name of the bath bomb, the purple circles melt and have an oil consistency so they create a lava lamp effect in the bath. The orange is very vibrant in the bath so it is a really extravagant bath! Here are some pictures which I hope do this justice.

The only thing that really let me down about my expectations of this bath bomb is the staining… having a bath and this will turn you purple and will stain the bath badly if you don’t clean it straight off. It sort of takes the point away from the bath bomb because you have to shower after and don’t feel clean when you leave. They really do need to sort that out about it but if they fixed that this would definitely be my favourite one.


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Ways of dealing with Exam/Assignment Stress:

Hey Guys!

As you can see I have been off the radar again for ages! Second year has started to take its toll now and it’s very hard to make time for things like blogging and youtube at the moment. In less than a month I will be free from second year stress like 5 billion things to remember about psychology and different assignments to test me on the same things!

I did just want to take a minute to show you how I have been dealing with the stress of assignment work. This may be different for everyone but I just wanted to show you how I have been taking a minute to refresh myself.

Taking a bath:


They don’t lie when they say baths are one of the most relaxing things a person can do. I love to just take one, even if I’m in the most stressful points of my life to just have a bit of me time and think about what I want to do after all the stress is over. Today, I had an amazing Rose Jam Bubbleroon bath which was filled with rose oil and definitely moisturised my skin while I relaxed.

Think ahead:

Which brings me onto the next thing, what I also like to do is think about what I have to look forward to when this is all over! By booking festivals, focusing on driving lessons and talking to my boyfriend and friends about all the things we can do after this stressful period it calms me and motivates me to get them done quicker!

Go for a walk: 

Literally, even if it’s only to the fridge to get another drink, it’s really important to take a breather from stressful stuff like assignments and exams. I have always found this takes away my anxiety just so I can breathe for a bit and not think about it.

Talk to the people that you love: 

I know that one of the things I love to do when I’m stressed is vent. Like really vent, my best friend Amy and boyfriend George know this better than anyone. They’re always there when I need to just have a minute to forget about assignment work and to motivate me to do more! So I’d say this is my biggest one right now, especially because my friends are going through the same thing I am.

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List of LUSH Oxford Street Exclusives (as of March 2016)

This is the recent list of Oxford Street Exclusives which I composed when going around the shop on my recent trip to Lush! Some of them may not be completely accurate but since working in Lush previously, I don’t remember seeing them in stores! I will be doing reviews on a lot of these in the future since I purchased a lot of them! So they will be linked in their name or check out my blog!

Bath Bombs

Lava Lamp
Spring Bunny
Golden Slumbers
Sacred Lotus
Guardian of the Forest
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Cyanide Pill

Bubble Bars

Down the Rabbithole
Little Dragon
Cherry Blossom

Bath Oils

I am a radiant being
Oil on troubled water
Monsieur Gustave
Lime Pastille
The Sun
Orange Blossom
Shark Infested Custard
Johnny Appleseed
Flowers Barrow
Happy Thoughts
Cloak of invisibility


Speed Boat

Solid Shampoo

Hairy McClairy

Shampoo Bar

Karma Komba
Jumping Juniper


Milky Bar
Sea Salted Caramel
Oxford Street
Green Gold
Somewhere over the Rainbow

Other Body Products

Coconut Scrubby
Candy Floss Showder
Lemon Sherbet Showder
Wash You Were Here Wash Card
Best Washes Wash Card
Wash that Man Wash Card
Dont Rain on my Parade Wash Card

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Interesting things I’ve packed for London!

Hey Guys, so excited to be writing this the day before I go on a two night trip to the capital city for my birthday! I thought I would just write a few things about some of the products and essentials I am taking with me and why! 12887451_10206002511962324_381309865_o.jpg

Apologies for the crappy quality from the picture…

So beauty, from Lush I’m taking LOM, Snow Fairy and New which are all pretty beaten up but I thought they’d be a good idea as sometimes the quality of the shampoo that you get in hotels doesn’t quite cut it and me and George have not used these up much so thought it’d be cute to use the little bottles!

I’m also taking my Simple cleanser, I feel this is a really nice moisturising one for taking off make up and for also just keeping my skin feeling soft after a long day. Also, the weather is meant to be rubbish so I want something that will be soothing!

I’m also taking my Canon EOSM to take arty blog pictures and document this amazing trip (I will also be going to Lush Oxford Street) and I am taking my Kodak Play Sport for vlogging on my youtube channel! So if you want to check that out you can subscribe here.


Just wanted this one to be a quick one and I want to know some of the interesting products you guys take when you go away..

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Lush Review: Rose Bombshell – Mother’s Day Range

Hey guys,

So when these little bundles of joy came out I had to get three of them and I’ve been saving two of them for ages because I knew for a fact they would be my favourite bath bomb by far! My favourite lush scent by far is the Rose Jam scent and this one is full of it! It was brought out for Mother’s Day range, even though I feel like it would’ve sold better for the Valentines range. The outside is so pretty, a nice pink shade with a floral design on the outside.

When you put it in the bath, that’s when you really get the rose scent fill the room! It is a very fast fizzer, the pink spreads across the bath quickly with a hint of blue and right at the end there’s cute yellow rose petals in the end! Overall, I knew this would be my favourite one and it really is, I feel like the petals could’ve been the ones used in sex bomb which mean you don’t have to fish them out at the end and a few of the petals looked pretty dead. Other than that this is a lovely gift with an amazing scent if you like that floral scent!


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LUSH REVIEW: Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb!

Hey guys, so I haven’t been active on here this week because I’ve been really ill. I thought I’d treat myself to one of the new Lush Easter range!

So this has been highly anticipated pretty much after everyone had enough of the Christmas range which was probably mid-January. I’ve had a look at the whole range in store today, I even have a bunny from Oxford Street my friends were nice enough to get for me! However, I think the only one I was looking forward to was this one. It smells of the famous snow fairy scent which always makes me happy and it’s only £2.95 which is a good price for an amazing bath!


It’s a really good Easter gift for people who aren’t a big fan of chocolate, this would definitely be a good one for me! It’s so adorable and I love the little flower that is in the think pink bath bomb too. It is a fast fizzer, once you let go the smell just fills the room which is so nice! The lovely light pink colour is similar to think pink as well but it is overall a really nice classic from Lush. I would recommend this too all snow fairy lovers!


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