How I organise my make up – 2017!

Hey Guys,

I know it has been so long since I last post but there has been so much going on but as we are approaching Christmas I think I will be doing a lot more posts! I will also be starting up my Youtube channel again so if you want to subscribe to that the link to that is here.

Anyways, today I wanted to do an update post on how I organise my make-up! Thought this one is always a fun one for me to read and mine has definitely changed a lot since I’ve moved back home.

My Desk


So I got this desk from IKEA a while ago, I’m pretty sure it was one of the cheapest desks (around £25) that they have because I just got it to do my university work on when I came back home. Then when I moved back in and do not have much work to do I decided to create a little vanity almost. So the mirror I got pretty cheap from Wilko it’s a great oval one which I think was around £15, don’t think they do it anymore but they do have very similar ones. I chose white to match the desk and think it’s a perfect size to do my makeup in the morning.

I had this organiser for a while back and I did a post about it before here, so you can read about it if you like! It is always really easy to use and store make up in these as you can see what is where.

I also bought these pots which came in all sorts of colours, they were super cheap at £1.99! They were from B&M and I use them to store both my hair brushes and my make-up brushes. Also, the eye-shadow palette organiser was a gift from my best friend but I am pretty sure you can get similar ones on amazon. It is only a little thing and fits 4 or 5 Morphe palettes on there so it is definitely good! I really like how I can just reach for them from this.

My Wall Storage


 I mentioned these in my IKEA haul but at that point I only had one up. Now I have put both us and they are really great! The actual board was only £7 each and the pots were varied, the big buckets at the top were actually 50p each! They’re so cheap but they’re super sturdy and hold my perfumes, creams and all sorts in them which make life very easy! I also have a little shelf and some pots that I think both cost £4. They cloth bags are good too and they are good for storing my palettes and things like hairspray in them. This whole set is still available at IKEA and is currently displayed for stationery but I think it is perfect for make-up.


Overall, I think my make-up storage is definitely an improvement, I have so much stuff it used to be all over the place but with this method I know exactly where everything is and it is easy to put back in place!

Hope you guys enjoyed this first post back and I will be doing posts more regularly now.

Thanks for reading,


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