Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Hey Guys,

So first I want to say thanks to all the people that have got me to 200 followers! That was my year goal and I’ve managed to do it in 7 months which is amazing, so thank you for reading all my posts and I hope to keep it up :).


Today I wanted to review the very well-known all nighter makeup spray from a point of view of a person who only really wears drug store brands. I thought me using it would be a good telling of whether it actually did work. This week I also lost my amazing primer (have since found it) so I have really only been using moisturiser to hold the foundation and this spray.

I do have to say that my foundation and powders have stayed on noticeably longer than usual. As you can see I got the smaller bottle available, I got this at the urban decay stall in Debenhams and it only cost me £9! Which I was willing to pay just to try it, I think the bigger bottles are around £24 which would last a decent amount of time, I think this one will last about a month and a half if I used it everyday but I’ll use it for special occasions.

This is a picture of my makeup just put on:

My face makeup looks a bit pale because of the lighting but this is it at the end of the day, shows how well it has kept with the spray!

Even the contouring lasted pretty well which doesn’t usually happen especially with drugstore brands! The eye makeup looks the same as a few hours before too.

So overall, I would say this product is worth the £9 just to try it out and stuff and I think I would use it for special occasions but I feel like getting a good primer is good enough for everyday use. This is definitely good for weddings and stuff like that though.

Thanks for Reading!



4 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

  1. Heather Lilia says:

    I’ve noticed that setting sprays work really well for people with dry skin or if your foundation ever cakes up, it’ll smooth it back down again. I’ve never actually tried Urban Decay’s, but I’ve heard good things about it for sure!:)

    xx Heather

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