Product Review: Morphe 35S Palette

Hey guys!

Since I’ve enjoyed using my plum palette by Morphe so much I decided to try out a more versatile palette this time that I could use for a numerous of different looks! After crying over the fact I could not get the 35F palette for so long I decided to try out the 35S the smokey palette! I thought this will be perfect, it was £15 on beauty bay with free delivery and it has such bold colours!


It has a few natural colours to create a nice base to apply all the different colours onto it. I like the blue shades as I have never been able to get the deep colours that this palette offers for such a cheap price. With 35 different shades you’re bound to get your money’s worth!


The only things I’d say is wrong with this palette is there’s a bit of fall down when using the shimmery shades. Also, the thing I don’t like is that the three black shades across the bottom aren’t that different to each other. I wish they were a tiny but different, one is matte and the others are different shimmers but other than that I love the vibrant colours in this palette and how different the looks can be with this. Here’s one of the looks I made with this palette.


Thanks for Reading!


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