Product Review: Sephora Green Tea Sleeping Mask

Hey Guys,

So being in England means that Sephora products are really hard to get a hold of. However, I’m very lucky to have a brother living in Dubai who can get loads of cool things when he comes back over. For my birthday he bought this and four other masks I really can’t wait to try so let me know if a review of them would be good too!


So this was a tiny little thing but honestly has so much product in it. The instructions say to put a very thin layer all over the face before you go to bed and then leave it over night to soak in. I was worried it would be a very creamy product but was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was a gel! Such a thin consistency and felt just like I was moisturizing my face before bed. Therefore, application was super easy and it wasn’t hard to sleep with it on at all. It also meant that there’s enough product for at least three applications in this little pot which is really good for the size of it. The picture below shows the amount of product left after use and the consistency of it.


The only flaw I found with this product is that it isn’t resealable which is pretty bad as when I went around to my boyfriends and had to bring it back, I had to hold it in my hands to stop it from spilling everywhere!

Overall, I felt like this product does work, it minimized my pores when I woke up this morning and my face felt very refreshed. Would recommend to anyone who could get there hands on it!

Thanks for Reading!


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