How I made Nacho Cookies with caramel and marshmallow dips!

Hey Guys,

So this was such a fun little thing me and my boyfriend did and it was really cool! We found the recipe on facebook as we were scrolling down and thought it looked pretty simple! I’ll put the link here so you can click and get all the ingredients and try for yourself! But i’m just going to tell you how I found the process.

The Ingredients 

As you can probably tell the ingredients were pretty standard, there wasn’t anything that those who bake a lot wouldn’t have in their cupboard. Flour, butter, egg and sugar were all the main ingredients that you would use. The only thing we definitely didn’t have were the marshmallows but they’re also super cheap. I found the ingredients at my local supermarket and it all came to under £5.

The Process

This process was pretty stress free, the only tasking thing is rolling the cookies out but that’s normal. If you guys are really ocd about the sizes of the cookie dough nachos then you may want to spend a bit more time on this bit.

We were really messy with this part because we used this as a test run really and will definitely be doing the recipe again at some point. The other part which I thought would be harder than it turned out to be was the dips! For the marshmallow one we literally just put the marshmallows in a pan and a little bit of water and it melted into a really cute pink dip. The caramel was really easy as well just melting sugar in a pan and putting some cream in, this was really nice as well and tasted like normal caramel so i’m super impressed i’m able to make it myself!

To make the presentation really nice (and because I was going to george’s house with these) I put the dip/topping in cute little jars so they’re easy to use.


There you go! I found the whole process quick and easy with the cookies only taking 10 minutes in the oven and the dips taking less than that.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for Reading


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