Product Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer!

Hey guys,

So the other day I was really desperate for a primer as it was my Mom’s 60th birthday party the night after and I really needed one which would make my foundation very matte and last all night. So I endeavoured into Superdrug on a busy Friday afternoon wondering around the make-up isles full of different brands. I looked at all of them, Max Factor, GOSH, Collection and they all had the same sort of packaging, very small and all very expensive with the cheapest being around £7 for something that may or may not keep my make up on.


I actually gave up and went to have a browse at the skin care isle when I saw the Nivea Express Hydration Primer sitting next to the moisturisers. I remembered the hype that everyone had over their men’s after shaving balm and how this would work as the most amazing primer! So I looked at the ingredients and it also had a lot of glycerine which works as a glue for make-up. The best part was that it was just over 2 pound and marked as less than half price!


So I immediately picked it up and took it home, using it before the party and absolutely loved the way that my make-up went on after applying this primer. It was so smooth and made my foundation look like my actual skin! The best part of this primer was that even after a whole 6 and a half hours of being in a room, drinking, dancing and sweating (gross I know) I got home and went to take my make-up off and to my surprise all the foundation was on the make-up wipe! I was amazed and have continued to use this product as it is such a good one for the price. Also, I have to say that the packaging is a lot more feminine than the aftershave balm and a lot easier to put into your make-up bag!


Let me know any other great primers you know, it’s a scary product to experiment with I find!

Thanks for Reading


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5 thoughts on “Product Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer!

  1. lizzgold says:

    I’m obsessed with primers, it’s my holy grail product! My favourites are Soap and Glory’s One Hell of a Blot, Stila’s One Step and Benefit’s Professional Matte Rescue. I would literally take them on a desert island with me haha. This one looks very intriguing…!

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