The most magical day ever!

Hey Guys,

As you can probably tell from the pictures this post is basically explaining how my day at the Making of Harry Potter went!

So for my birthday in April my wonderful boyfriend booked me a gift certificate for us to choose when we wanted to go to the Making of Harry Potter. This was so exciting for me as I have watched the films with my brother every single year it came out and became rather obsessed with it for a long time. So as we knew we were both free this week we thought we would go now and enjoy a little night away too.

So we decided last minute that we wanted to stay so we found a cute little hotel only half an hour drive (compared to a two hour journey back to Birmingham) from the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden. We found this pretty easily from and found something that would suit our needs with free parking, a restaurant and lovely scenery for only £60 for the night! This little hotel was in Chesham which is very close to many towns full of character and is good for anyone who wants to either get the train to London or explore the countryside!

Image sourced from the Chartridge Lodge, Website

Check in was very easy and the staff were lovely, some of the decor was a bit dated and could do with an upgrade but for what we were after it was perfect!

Now for the fun bit!

So as we drove down we got to Warner Bros Studios about half an hour early which actually turned out to be good since we could have a drink and relax before we had to queue up.


Before you even walk through the doors you’re welcomed by the massive chess pieces from the first film which I fan-girled about so much, but that was definitely just the beginning. As you queue up you’re welcomed by the cupboard under the stairs which is fully accurate to the film. You are then walked into a room where you watch a short film from the Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson who shared that these studios were their second home for ten years of their life which I found very special. The magic just keeps on flowing and the more I went on the more I appreciated the films and the thought that went into every single detail. For those of you who are interested, here are a range of images just to show you a glimpse of what I mean.

I don’t want to give too much away for those of you who still haven’t went but it is honestly worth the money and I thought it would ruin the films for me but it has actually made me love them more!

Just make sure when you go to get a Souvenir Butterbeer mug which was very cute but I have to warn you it does have an acquired taste so if there is two of you I’d advise you share one.

Thank you so much for reading


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