Review of the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow!

Hey Guys,

So, as you might know from the previous post I have been loving Nikkietutorials for a while now and in every one of her eye looks I have seen that she uses a Mac Paint Pot to prime her eyes and make the magic stay on all day. As this is quite an expensive product at £16 for one colour and I wasn’t prepared to pay that much for an eye primer, I had a think about what would be a good dupe for the Mac Paint Pot especially the colours soft ochre and painterly.

Image above: Sourced from google, from Vanity Rouge.

So I had a look around and thought to myself about the 24 hour Color Tattoo that Maybelline had brought out. After seeing it in the shop for only £4.99 a pot and seeing the colour range be so similar to Mac I decided to give one a go!


I chose the one in the colour “Crème De Rose” which is actually an identical dupe for Painterly by Mac. I did a swatch of this one in store and found it to be a lovely pink-toned nude which was a perfect base for me. As for texture it is a very creamy base which is less thick than I first thought they would be. Also, I have had this pot for months, using it almost every day and the pictures in this post were taken recently, it hardly looks touched! So you definitely do get a lot for your money.


To fully show you the quality of this product I used my fancy camera (ignore the spots and chicken pox scars) to show what a good base it is on the eyelid. As you can see from the picture it takes out all the creases and lines which may show through and creates the perfect base for any eye look.


Then, I thought I’d show you exactly how much can it pick up for an eye shadow of lower pigment. So I decided to use the lightest shade from the Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit and put that all over my lid.


I’ve always found this colour hard to use as it isn’t very pigmented and using it without a base I have to pack a lot on. But, the picture below is one little swipe of the palette with a brush and straight onto that Color Tattoo.


As shown in the picture (that pout tho), the colour is amazing! It looks very pigmented and even across the lid which allows a good base for any make up look! I am so impressed by the ability of this dupe. To top it off, the length it keeps the make up on for is extraordinary, even just using collection and other high street brands, I will do an eight hour shift at work and come back with the make up looking exactly the same because of this product! Eyeliner stays on like a treat too, trust me when I say it is worth the trip to Superdrug! They also have a whole range of colours including a nice dark silver colour which I really want to try next for a smokey eye.

Let me know what you think of this product or comment another dupe for the Mac paint pot.

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