Morphe Brushes 35P Palette First Impressions

I have seen a massive hype over this company for quite a while and have seen the amazing tutorials that Nikkie does as well so thought I would give it a go!

13397058_10206499164698332_602998559_o (1)

I went about looking on the actual Morphe Brushes website and saw they were around $22 for the Morphe Brushes 35P Color Plum Palette which is a really good price for a palette! However, since I live in England the delivery would be exactly the same price as the palette! This really upset me as I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it at all and had my heart set on this palette. Then, I ended up searching for it even more and found Beauty Bay. I found the exact palette that I wanted from Morphe Brushes for £18! I was so happy and it was free delivery for the UK which only took two days. I instantly bought it and to make it even better, the palette came the day after I put the order in (on a sunday!)! Find the company and my palette here. 


So when the actual palette arrived I was actually more impressed with it than I thought I would be. I instantly put it one of the gorgeous shimmery colours on my hand and it stayed on all day! The quality and the amount that you get for your money is outstanding and this is probably one of the most under-rated brands of make-up I have seen! The colours range from very natural matte nude colours which have all purple undertones to the brightest shades of purple you can imagine. This makes it a very versatile palette and it is perfect for those with green eyes as the purple tones make green eyes pop.

palette plum

From my first impressions I think that I will definitely be using this palette a lot and trying a lot of different looks with it. If you would like to see any more blog posts about this palette or Beauty Bay please leave comments!

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