LUSH REVIEW: Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Hey guys! So this is my first review of my Oxford street exclusives! I’m so happy! Get to finally use them after my chicken pox have cleared.

This one was the one I was most excited about as I’ve saw the results online and thought it looked amazing. It is bright orange and has cute purple polka-dots on them which looked so nice.


The scent is very orange flavoured sweets which was so refreshing and filled the room so much, definitely one of my favourite scents. It was quite a fast fizzer but it was probably the coolest I’ve ever seen. As you can tell by the name of the bath bomb, the purple circles melt and have an oil consistency so they create a lava lamp effect in the bath. The orange is very vibrant in the bath so it is a really extravagant bath! Here are some pictures which I hope do this justice.

The only thing that really let me down about my expectations of this bath bomb is the staining… having a bath and this will turn you purple and will stain the bath badly if you don’t clean it straight off. It sort of takes the point away from the bath bomb because you have to shower after and don’t feel clean when you leave. They really do need to sort that out about it but if they fixed that this would definitely be my favourite one.


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5 thoughts on “LUSH REVIEW: Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

  1. Fed says:

    Looks cool! It’s a shame it’s exclusive to Oxford Street but I may go and pick one up ad a surprise for my wife 🙂

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