Interesting things I’ve packed for London!

Hey Guys, so excited to be writing this the day before I go on a two night trip to the capital city for my birthday! I thought I would just write a few things about some of the products and essentials I am taking with me and why! 12887451_10206002511962324_381309865_o.jpg

Apologies for the crappy quality from the picture…

So beauty, from Lush I’m taking LOM, Snow Fairy and New which are all pretty beaten up but I thought they’d be a good idea as sometimes the quality of the shampoo that you get in hotels doesn’t quite cut it and me and George have not used these up much so thought it’d be cute to use the little bottles!

I’m also taking my Simple cleanser, I feel this is a really nice moisturising one for taking off make up and for also just keeping my skin feeling soft after a long day. Also, the weather is meant to be rubbish so I want something that will be soothing!

I’m also taking my Canon EOSM to take arty blog pictures and document this amazing trip (I will also be going to Lush Oxford Street) and I am taking my Kodak Play Sport for vlogging on my youtube channel! So if you want to check that out you can subscribe here.


Just wanted this one to be a quick one and I want to know some of the interesting products you guys take when you go away..

Thanks for reading

sign off


2 thoughts on “Interesting things I’ve packed for London!

  1. libbylovesxo says:

    I am a snow fairy enthusiast! I’m going to London mid April for my birthday to but we are thinking about booking it on last that morning! Where abouts are you staying and where did you find the cheapest fees were… If you don’t mind me asking xxx

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