My Candle Collection!

So I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to candles, my idea of a cosy night in involves a room just filled with lit scented candles. I have created quite a collection over this last year and wanted to share my opinions on them all and what I think is the best candle that I have.

I’ll start with the cheapest ones and what I think of them!

So the Langley Home Sugar Cookie candle was bought from Clinton’s. Since it was out of season when my boyfriend got it (as a little gift) it was £5 which I thought was an amazing price for such a big candle. It has the same style as the big yankee ones and is highly scented. The sweet smell is so rich and really nice for if you want a nice home baking scent to fill the room. They have a very similar one in their out of season range, I think it’s called birthday cake but do not quote me on that one! The other two are my Star Lytes candles, these I think I bought in a pound shop, they are very cute, come with lids on too, I just don’t know where they’ve gone and come in many different scents. These two are in “fresh cherries” and “mulled wine”. The mulled wine one is a very nice scent and does fill the room but I think the fresh cherry one doesn’t so much. Still really good for the price of them and have lasted a long time!

Next on to my Yankee Candles!

I have actually spoke about the Vanilla Cupcake candle before in my January Favourites at the start of the year. It has the most amazing sweet scent and I would recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth. This one of mine is actually right at the bottom now so I will definitely need to get a big one next time. The Fresh Cut Roses scented candle was given to me by my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day this year. It is so beautiful, I love the baby pink colour of it and the scent is so fresh, it actually smells like you have roses in the room. I absolutely love these candles. The only flaw they have is when you first light them the wick does tend to burn really high, so I tend to keep these candles well away from things (as you should with any candle but especially these ones!).

Now for my favourite!


The Village Candle in Black Cherry, I think this has got to be my favourite by far. It has the most amazing scent to it and it actually fills the room. Every time I light more than one of all of the candles you can always smell this one the most. Also, they are a lot cheaper online than Yankee Candles! Arguably better too! It has two wicks even though it is a small candle which I think makes for a more even scent give off and the candle goes down evenly. Definitely would recommend.

So that is all of my candles! Is there any that you would recommend?

Thanks for reading xxx

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