Lush Review: Rose Bombshell – Mother’s Day Range

Hey guys,

So when these little bundles of joy came out I had to get three of them and I’ve been saving two of them for ages because I knew for a fact they would be my favourite bath bomb by far! My favourite lush scent by far is the Rose Jam scent and this one is full of it! It was brought out for Mother’s Day range, even though I feel like it would’ve sold better for the Valentines range. The outside is so pretty, a nice pink shade with a floral design on the outside.

When you put it in the bath, that’s when you really get the rose scent fill the room! It is a very fast fizzer, the pink spreads across the bath quickly with a hint of blue and right at the end there’s cute yellow rose petals in the end! Overall, I knew this would be my favourite one and it really is, I feel like the petals could’ve been the ones used in sex bomb which mean you don’t have to fish them out at the end and a few of the petals looked pretty dead. Other than that this is a lovely gift with an amazing scent if you like that floral scent!


Thanks for reading! xxxx

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