LUSH REVIEW: Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb!

Hey guys, so I haven’t been active on here this week because I’ve been really ill. I thought I’d treat myself to one of the new Lush Easter range!

So this has been highly anticipated pretty much after everyone had enough of the Christmas range which was probably mid-January. I’ve had a look at the whole range in store today, I even have a bunny from Oxford Street my friends were nice enough to get for me! However, I think the only one I was looking forward to was this one. It smells of the famous snow fairy scent which always makes me happy and it’s only £2.95 which is a good price for an amazing bath!


It’s a really good Easter gift for people who aren’t a big fan of chocolate, this would definitely be a good one for me! It’s so adorable and I love the little flower that is in the think pink bath bomb too. It is a fast fizzer, once you let go the smell just fills the room which is so nice! The lovely light pink colour is similar to think pink as well but it is overall a really nice classic from Lush. I would recommend this too all snow fairy lovers!


Thanks for reading xxx

4 thoughts on “LUSH REVIEW: Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb!

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