Our Trip to Barcelona!

Hey guys, this will hopefully be my first of many travel posts on this blog. I absolutely love to travel and I hopefully will be doing more very soon! Thought I’d start this one off with a post about our trip to Barcelona.

So me and my boyfriend George were lucky enough to have the money to book this trip late last year, it was a spur of the moment thing but would only cost both of us £200 including flights. We used Easyjet who were so quick and easy to both book and fly with and we didn’t have to check in any luggage. We only took two small suitcases with us which we got on Ebay for £12 each.


image from the website

As we were out of season, we found a really cheap apartment on Homeaway which you can find here. It was super cosy and just right for the two of us! It is perfect for a travelling couple who would prefer to eat in on their trip as there is a handy supermarket just down the road with all the necessities.

What to do there

We only had 4 days in Barcelona but we definitely filled them up! The first day we went to the famous Park Guell which is famous for the Gaudi art that the park is filled to the brim with. It was quite cheap to get in, I think it was about 20 euros each but you’re allowed to spend as much time as you want there. It was pretty sunny that day for being late winter but it definitely was weather where you could really appreciate the artwork.

The next few days we did a number of things, we went down to Las Ramblas a few times where there were amazing shops and restaurants including the Hard Rock Cafe which we went to on our last day. The Cathedral was beautiful and on another day we were lucky enough to go to Nou Camp and Montjuic which is the beautiful art museum with fountains and extravagant pillars. We also went down to the Harbour, to the Aquarium and to the Zoo. The zoo was very good for the last day as we had to leave our apartment early but had a night flight. What we didn’t know but were glad to find out is that the zoo had massive lockers which only cost 1 euro to hold them and then you got that back! The Gothic District was definitely worth a walk around also, due to it’s amazing features, little cafes and little stores all dotted around. Also there was a lot of artwork around there which was incredible to see.

Tips that I took away from my travels 

Barcelona is a beautiful city I never thought one place could hold so much culture and have so much to offer but I really do miss it! One thing I didn’t expect though is so much walking! Me and George probably walked 4 miles each day at Barcelona so I would prepare for that. Either book a hotel or apartment near all the things that you want to do or budget in a metro pass or taxis. The thing we found was that taxi ranks aren’t nearby many things and you can get conned by them so prepare for that.

Also, another thing that I found useful which I researched before I went was the Aerobus! It is so simple to get you from the airport, you pay 5.50 euros and it stopped at 3 main points in the city. However, if you catch it back remember to check which terminal you are departing from and get the right bus for that terminal as the terminals are a good 20 euro taxi apart from each other.

So that is all I wanted to say about our trip, really hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to be doing one soon about my trip to Dubai!

Thanks for reading xx



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