How I like to relax:

So, I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m hungover. It’s shameful, I had a few too many and now I’m feeling sorry for myself. Alcohol tends to make me feel very tense and anxious the day after so I couldn’t help but want an escape today. I decided it was essential to have a little pamper session and to fill you guys in on how I pamper myself and inevitably feel super relaxed afterwards.

1. Take off all Make-up


So, since my skin is needing some serious hydration I decided to use this Simple purifying cleansing lotion to take my makeup off. I put a small amount on some cotton wool and it is so effective.

2. Run a nice hot bath 


For this part I thought I would use a personal favourite of mine, the BlackBerry Bathbomb by Lush. I haven’t used one in ages but it never fails to impress me. The smell is just so fruity and relaxing it’s perfect for a little pamper session. I also lit my new freshly cut roses Yankee Candle that my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s day which just added to the lovely aroma.

3. Spend as long as you need relaxing in the bath

Enjoy the relaxing hot bath and let your muscles soak while doing what suits you! Sometimes I listen to an album/playlist on Spotify,  or finish an episode on Netflix! Today I just relaxed and used my beautiful valentines soap that I reviewed in my last blog post.

4. Moisturise 

I literally can’t stress how important this is, taking make up off before going into the bath allows the skin to breathe and use the steam as a treatment for spots and stress. But, when you have finally dragged yourself put of that amazing bath don’t forget to hydrate your skin.

I used the Nivea in-shower body conditioner after shaving in the bath and the  for my face I used Johnson’s baby lotion. It’s that simple, I am in love with the smell of Johnson’s products at the moment, have no idea why but this lotion is so soothing and just something delicate to put on the skin and let it soak it up! For my hands I used Nivea smooth nourishing hand cream, they’re very dry at the moment and this is really effective, would definitely  recommend.

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