Valentines Product: Roses All The Way, Lush Soap!

Hey guys, I thought I’d spend the day relaxing but I didn’t forget to review the amazing Rose-shaped soap that Lush brought out for Valentines day. I’m pretty sure there will be some of these left in store today and definitely online.


So this beautiful soap has a Turkish Rose Oil scent to it and it is amazing, reminds me of the Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar and that is definitely one of my favourite scents. The idea for this soap was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, each soap was hand painted that’s why they have a white base.


I think that is a nice touch and makes the soap that much more significant. The design is beautiful especially for Valentines day!


So, I decided to try this soap out when I had a bath to fully review the product. The soap itself creates a really nice white lather which felt very moisturising on the skin. The scent was amazing when on the skin and really did stay when I came out of the bath. I never thought a soap could be so relaxing! Would recommend you grab one of these while you still can.

Thanks for reading xxx


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