How I organise my makeup!

So this has been a difficult thing for me for quite a while, especially since I travel back and forth a lot from uni to Birmingham. I used to just have a massive makeup bag and it used to take me ages to do it every morning just purely because I was trying to dig for my foundation. So what I decided was I needed an acrylic organiser to help me out! 


I bought my organiser on Ebay for £13.99 and it is the best thing I’ve bought this year I reckon. Really changed everything considering I know where everything is. What it did make me realise is that I have way too much makeup! Four foundations is a bit much Soph!

There are two compartments for brushes and really, mine is overflowing but I am working myself up to get rid of a few. 12 little compartments for lipsticks which are so helpful, you can see on mine too you can also use it for nail varnish if they’re small enough. Also, it has a bit one for foundation and stuff like that, I also put my mascara there as I like to just pick that up when I’m having a good skin day or something but I really like the sturdiness and the look of this organiser.

There are two little draws which I put my everyday makeup in, my mini sleek contour palette, concealer, eye primer, rimmel matte powder and brow palette.

The two other drawers are everything else, mostly face makeup like my big sleek contour palette and my highlighters and my other blushers. It looks quite empty right now because I decided that it was too much to have all my eye makeup in there so if anyone has a cool way of storing eye palettes that would be cool to know!


They’re just sitting in the drawer underneath at the moment.

Hope you like this idea guys, let me know if you want any detailed posts on the makeup you’ve seen.

Thanks for reading


3 thoughts on “How I organise my makeup!

  1. BeautyliciousStyle says:

    Hi. for eye palettes look on Amazon look for Acrylic palette organizer by Allegory. It is perfect! It holds 8+ standard palettes and can stand up or lay flat. Typein makeup acrylic organizer and it should pop up. 😀

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