Cherry Bathe Well bath bomb: Bomb cosmetics review!

Hey guys, this is my first review of a bath bomb that wasn’t made by lush cosmetics, very brave of me!


So this is something my good friends from fizzbeautyreviews introduced me to and I fell for it just from the amazing cherry scent. I’ve always been a sucker for sweet scents and this bath bomb smells just like cherry bakewell tarts which are probably my favourite treats!

In terms of presentation, this is probably better than most bath bombs I’ve seen. It simply does look good enough to eat, with sprinkles all around the top as well. However, in the bath it didn’t do anything magnificent which is probably what a lot of people expect from a bath bomb. For me this wasn’t an issue, I love a nice plain relaxing bath and this is what this bath bomb gave me.


The smell fills the room when you place it in the bath and really does linger nicely. It is a fast fizzer which is a good thing if you just want to hop in the bath and still have that nice treat. Also, you can really feel the moisturising benefits this product has when you get in the bath and after!

So overall, I think this bath bomb is definitely worth a try and I definitely will be buying more from bomb cosmetics in the future.

Thanks for reading xxx

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