My New Year’s Resolutions:

Happy New Year Everybody! 

So I am going to do the cliché  new years resolutions post to kick off a year of hopefully more blogging. I decided this year that I am going to overall, commit to being happy, since last year was such a crappy year for me and my family, losing someone we all adore. Now I’m going to use this year to get my life on track!

Being more healthy (mentally and physically): 

Now when I say this, I don’t mean “yeah I’m going to the gym three times a week and I’m going to never eat chocolate again” because frankly, I find it hard to be motivated to get up never mind go to the gym. By this, I mean get my anaemia on track… my iron intake is just making me feel constantly tired so I really want to sort that out so I’m not constantly ill like I was last year. So less trips to Nandos and more of eating in with a healthy iron filled meal. Also, mentally, get my anxiety out the way for good, it has held me down for far too long and I will not let it ruin my year.

Get my blog to 100 followers:

So this is a very specific New Year’s resolution but if I can pull it off by the 31st December 2016 then that would be great. This is just to get me motivated so that I post more blog posts, better blog posts and get to meet more people who have the same interests as me!

Pass my driving test:

Yep. This has to be the year that I take the plunge and don’t quit at my driving lessons. Having a boyfriend that drives really has motivated me to gain that little bit of freedom that I really need. I need to find a day each week that I can definitely do a driving lesson and hopefully pass by the end of the Summer. My anxiety has really stopped me from completing this goal before, I’d overthink myself into dread about the lessons and I have no idea why. So I’m going to conquer it, I really am.

So there you go! My New Years Resolutions, I’d love to find out about other people’s resolutions and advice on how I can complete these things would be great!

Thanks for reading xxx


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