December Goals 2015

So to update you on my November goals which were to:

  • eat healthily
  • cut out caffeine
  • focus on my blog

I actually did okay, until assignments and work took over! I feel like this blogmas thing may help with the blog focus one, but will have to do three posts today and queue an extra one for tomorrow! Bare with me :'(, although I did do well on the caffeine one!

So for this one I will make three more goals to try to stick to:

Not be as anxious: This is a big one for me because my anxiety is getting so much worse at the moment and I feel like I need to get better at this one so that I can enjoy my family time during Christmas as much as possible.

Be sensible with money: I think I got a little ahead of myself with lush buys and other unneeded buys! So yeah, spending was so bad last month but hopefully after this month’s pay I should not have to rely on my good friend called my overdraft (damn being a student).

Look after my hair more: This is going to sound so random, but last month I dyed my hair purple and I’m one of these people that when I dye my hair a colour I usually go “It’s not purple enough”. So I have to make it a goal to not dye my hair again! Plus, I was to let it sort of run out of dye and get more natural before I dye my hair again.

Right, thanks for reading. I will catch up today and tomorrow on the posts so please bare with!


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