Blog update: chilled out Sundays

Hey guys!

Had a mind block about what to write about today but I really want to keep on top of this so I thought I’d do an update.

So today I had a nice chilled out day with my family, my sister lives an hour away and I live an hour away in the other direction from my mom, so it’s not often we see each other. I also got to give my nieces a lush bath with the super fun magic wand. It was so cute because they each took it in turns to make a wish before they got in. I’m now sitting here writing this while my boyfriend is playing computer games :).

I’ve been pretty anxious this week, I think it’s the amount of assignments I’ve had and trains I’ve caught so hopefully it’ll get better. I’ve also started vlogging again and that’ll be up on my youtube channel next sunday, so that will be fun!

Sorry this is a short one but thanks for reading still!

Here’s some pictures of us being chill

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