Quick Update and November Goals!

Hey Guys!

Thought I’d do a quick update since my last post, so I’ve had an amazing weekend with my house. We went out for halloween and we all looked amazing! Me and my boyfriend went out as Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and it was very simple really. If you want a post on that please let me know!


So here are a few of my personal goals for this month-

  1. Try to cut out caffeine.  This is a thing I’ve been doing gradually since I’ve started back at uni last month.  So far I’ve been doing well and I hope to be almost completely rid of it by December.  Not working at a coffee shop does help as well I suppose. Also, cutting out caffeine will reduce my anxiety levels and make me more energised hopefully!
  2. Eat healthily. So this is an important one right now and I am determined to get a balanced diet going. It can be so easy when you’re a student to pick the crisps instead of the fruit as it’s a quick fix for lectures and study. However, due to the dramatic change in diet I have started to feel the symptoms of anaemia again. Tiredness, nausea and paleness are all things I’d like to avoid so I really do need to get on top of this!
  3. Focus on blogging. Finally, this one should really have came first for a long time but I really do need to make time for this blog. I need to start picking up my camera more often as photography is a passion of mine and let’s face it… autumn is so pretty!

So there you go, I will have to do an update and a December version of this post to update you guys on how I’m doing. Here’s a few autumnal pictures to lighten up this post!

received_10205145572379370received_10205145572259367 received_10205145572339369

Thanks for reading,

Sophia xxx

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