W7 ‘in the nude’ eye shadow palette review:

Hey guys, welcome to my first post!

early morning lecturesnapchat post of the make up

So I just wanted to start off with a review of a palette that I trust and is such a cheap option! Whether you’ve just started using makeup or you just want to try a cheaper option, this palette really gives you a range of nudes that go with any look. I honestly swear by this palette, especially on days where I have woken up early for a nine O’clock lecture and I just want something to make me look a little more alive.

w7 paletteall the colours in the palette


You can buy this palette from a range of shops (I bought mine from B&M in Worcester for £3.99!) and I’ve never seen it prices over £6 which is a bargain for the range of colour and the time it lasts for.

It’s also a great option for if you’re just starting out on makeup and want to try a range of looks.


One main weakness with this palette is that it does not have a mirror, I mean this is a minor thing. For the price I shouldn’t expect it but I feel as though it would’ve been great to have a mirror to make it more portable.

The brush is not great that comes with the palette, although I have saw my friend Amy use it to make a very nice look… maybe it is all about technique. I do recommend using fluffier brushes when blending the colours together, as I have done in the pictures shown in this post.

Overall, I believe that this palette has a lot of positives going for it and you can create a lot of looks with this for under £6!

Please let me know if you’re familiar with the palette or of any alternatives that you come across.

Thanks for reading…

Sophia Crisp xxx

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